Unlock the Power of WiFi 6: How To Leverage It For Your Business With DrayTek

Are you tired of being left behind in the technological world? Well, fear not! WiFi 6 is here to save the day and bring your business into the future. With unprecedented speeds and a host of new capabilities, WiFi 6 is the must-have technology for any business looking to stay ahead of the curve. Read on to learn all about the amazing features of WiFi 6 and how it can benefit your business, as well as to see our top picks for WiFi 6 enabled routers and the best prices on the market right now. Don’t be left behind, join the technological elite with WiFi 6.

What is WiFi 6?

As the latest iteration of WiFi technology, WiFi 6 has been making waves since its release in 2019. With major improvements in speed, range, and overall connectivity, users can expect up to twice the speed of previous WiFi standards, as well as a 50% increase in range. In addition to these impressive improvements, WiFi 6 also offers increased privacy and security measures, including individual device authentication and the option for end-to-end encryption.

Not only does WiFi 6 provide enhanced performance, but it is also more power-efficient and eco-friendly than previous iterations. It is also backwards compatible with WiFi 5 and WiFi 4, meaning that your devices will still be able to connect to WiFi 6 networks, although they will only do so at the lower speed of WiFi 5.

Benefits of WiFi 6 for businesses

Think of WiFi 6 as a highway for your devices to connect to networks. Not only can more cars (or devices) join the road at once without causing traffic jams (or unstable connections), but the speed limit has also increased, allowing for faster data transmission. This is especially handy when streaming video or gaming online, where a smooth ride is essential.

But what about those times when there are more cars on the road than usual, like during rush hour? That’s where DrayTek’s WiFi 6 comes in with its dual-band technology. Imagine two lanes on the highway, one with a 2.4GHz frequency and the other with a 5GHz frequency. The 2.4GHz lane may not be as fast as the 5GHz lane due to its smaller and more crowded space, but it can sometimes navigate through obstacles, like walls and floors, better. This means that in some home and office installations, the 2.4GHz lane can reach spots that the 5GHz lane may struggle to provide good performance to, such as a room on the other side of the house from the Access Point.

But the benefits of WiFi 6 don’t stop at speed and connectivity. It also has advanced security measures, including advanced encryption protocols, to keep hackers at bay. With DrayTek’s WPA3 Wireless Security and its 192-bit encryption strength for networks using RADIUS and 802.1x authentication, you can feel confident using WiFi in public places, like airports. In short, WiFi 6 is the ultimate package for faster, more secure connections – make sure to upgrade to DrayTek’s WiFi 6.

What are the differences between WiFi 6 and previous generations?

WiFi 6 is a major step up from WiFi 5 and WiFi 4, with a few standout features that set it apart. For starters, WiFi 6 is a breeze to set up, making it a breeze to get your network up and running. And with its lower power usage, WiFi 6 is a win for both your wallet and the environment.

But the real game-changer for WiFi 6 is its individual device authentication. Unlike WiFi 5 and WiFi 4, which rely on group authentication, WiFi 6 can precisely identify individual devices and give them more tailored access to the network. So why settle for less when you can have the best with WiFi 6? Upgrade now and experience the power of individual device authentication.

How can businesses use WiFi 6 to their advantage?

With the increased bandwidth, improved signal strength, and enhanced security of WiFi 6, businesses can benefit in many ways. For example, WiFi 6 makes it easier to stream audio and video content, including VoIP calls and video conferences.

Additionally, WiFi 6 networks can be used to connect IoT devices, such as sensors, automated doors, or security cameras. WiFi 6 can help businesses improve internal communication and workflow by facilitating better connections among employees. Furthermore, it can be used to create a more dynamic, engaging customer experience by improving WiFi hotspots at public locations. As previously mentioned, businesses can also use WiFi 6 to connect with other businesses and partners, enabling a new level of collaboration and information sharing.

Some of the notable upgrades that set WiFi 6 apart from WiFi 4 and WiFi 3 is:

  • Quicker and easier setup: No need to spend hours configuring your network, WiFi 6 can be up and running in no time.
  • Lower power usage: WiFi 6 is more energy-efficient, which is good for both your wallet and the environment.
  • Individual device authentication: Unlike WiFi 5 and WiFi 4, which use group authentication, WiFi 6 can identify individual devices and provide them with more precise access to the network.

What hardware and software do you need to use WiFi 6?

Ready to upgrade to WiFi 6 and unlock its full potential? You’ll need the right tools for the job. First and foremost, you’ll need devices with WiFi 6 capability to connect to a WiFi 6 network. While WiFi 5 devices can technically connect, they’ll only do so at the slower WiFi 5 speed. For the full WiFi 6 experience, you’ll want devices with WiFi 6 capability, like those from DrayTek.

In addition to WiFi 6 capable devices, you’ll also need WiFi 6 compatible access points or routers to get your network up and running. And if you want to extend the range of your WiFi 6 network, you’ll need compatible range extenders. Finally, don’t forget about WiFi 6 compatible network management software to keep everything running smoothly.

Our top 5 WiFi 6 enabled WiFi routers are:

Vigor 2927 by DrayTek


(Price £269.00)

The Vigor 2927 is a dual-WAN broadband router that delivers exceptional performance and versatility. It features two Gigabit Ethernet WAN ports, allowing you to connect to two separate WAN connections and create a load balancing network. 

This ensures that you have a stable, consistent connection at all times, even if one WAN connection goes down.But that’s not all – the Vigor 2927 also boasts advanced VPN capabilities, making it easy to connect to remote offices and securely access your network from anywhere. Plus, with DrayTek’s advanced firewall and advanced QoS features, you can have peace of mind knowing that your network is secure and your data is prioritized for optimal performance.

But don’t just take our word for it – the Vigor 2927 has received numerous awards and accolades for its performance and reliability.

Vigor 2926N Router Firewall


(Price £249.00)

The Vigor 2926N is a powerful, reliable router firewall that delivers exceptional performance and security. It features four Gigabit Ethernet WAN ports, allowing you to connect to multiple WAN connections and create a load balancing network for a stable, consistent connection.

But the Vigor 2926N doesn’t just stop at providing a strong connection – it also offers advanced VPN capabilities, making it easy to connect to remote offices and access your network from anywhere securely. Plus, with advanced firewall and QoS features, you can have peace of mind knowing that your network is safe and your data is prioritized for optimal performance.

The Vigor 2865AX


(Price: £339.00)

The Vigor 2865AX and Vigor 2926N are both powerful routers from DrayTek that are well-suited for small businesses. While both offer advanced VPN capabilities, advanced firewall and QoS features, and easy management, there are a few key differences between the two:

WAN ports: The Vigor 2865AX has two Gigabit Ethernet WAN ports, while the Vigor 2926N has four. This means that the Vigor 2926N can connect to more WAN connections, potentially providing a more redundant and reliable connection.

Load balancing: Both routers offer load balancing capabilities to distribute network traffic evenly, but the Vigor 2926N has more advanced load balancing options.

Security: Both routers offer advanced security features to protect against cyber threats and data breaches, but the Vigor 2926N has additional security options such as RADIUS and 802.1x authentication.

Ultimately, the best router for your business will depend on your specific needs and preferences. If you’re looking for a router with more WAN ports and advanced load balancing and security options, the Vigor 2926N may be the better choice. However, if you need a fast and reliable router that is easy to manage, the Vigor 2865AX could be a great fit.

The Vigor 2927ax


(Price £335.00)

Get the most out of your Fiber broadband with the Vigor 2927ax router. With Gigabit throughput per WAN, you can achieve speeds of up to 1.8Gbps. Plus, with built-in firewall, content filtering, and Quality of Service (QoS) features, you’ll have a fast, secure connection that can handle all your business needs.

The Vigor 2927ax also comes equipped with Wi-Fi 6 technology, providing gigabit Wi-Fi and reliable throughput for high-quality video conferencing, low-latency gaming, and streaming 4K Ultra-HD content without buffering.

Easily prioritize essential services with DrayTek’s App QoS system and Auto-VoIP prioritization. Customize QoS for your network with four priority queues to ensure the best quality and overall performance from your internet connections.

As a small business owner, you know the importance of providing fast and secure VPN access for your employees. With the Vigor 2927ax, you can create up to 50 VPN tunnels and enable remote workers to access network resources and connect remote sites. The router supports both DrayTek SSL VPN and OpenVPN for maximum security.

The Vigor 2763 ADSL


(Price £159.00)

If you’re looking for a powerful router that can handle all the needs of your Small Office or Home Office (SoHo) network, look no further than the DrayTek Vigor 2763 series. With powerful firewall and content filtering, configurable Quality of Service (QoS), and an array of VPN capabilities, this router is perfect for making the most of your FTTP Fiber broadband.

The Vigor 2763ac model even includes wireless capabilities, making it a convenient and reliable choice for SoHo networks. With this router, you’ll be able to access resources remotely, connect to VPN services for secure browsing, and improve the quality of service for both private and guest data traffic.

Here are just a few of the standout features of the DrayTek Vigor 2763 series:

Powerful firewall and content filtering: Keep your network secure from cyber threats and unwanted content.

Configurable QoS: Prioritize essential services for optimal performance.

Array of VPN capabilities: Securely access resources and browse the web with confidence.

Convenient and powerful: Hassle-free networking and reliable connectivity.

Tips for setting up a WiFi 6 network

There are a few important steps to take when setting up a WiFi 6 network. First, decide whether you want to set up a new WiFi 6 network or migrate your existing network to WiFi 6. If you decide to migrate your network, you will want to be mindful of the fact that WiFi 5 and WiFi 4 devices will only be able to connect at slower WiFi 5 speeds. Once you decide which path is best for your business, you can begin the process.

When setting up a new WiFi 6 network, you will want to ensure you have the necessary hardware. You can set up a WiFi 6 network with WiFi 6 routers and WiFi 6 access points. Granted, if you are migrating to WiFi 6 from a previous WiFi standard, you can also use WiFi 6 range extenders. Once you have the hardware in place, you will want to set up your network management software to ensure the network runs smoothly.

Best practices for leveraging WiFi 6

WiFi 6 is quickly becoming the standard for wireless internet and is revolutionizing how we stay connected. The new technology offers faster speeds, better range, and improved efficiency. With so many exciting possibilities, it is important to understand the best practices for leveraging WiFi 6 to its full potential. 

Make sure you have the right hardware

WiFi 6 routers and access points come with a new radio frequency that your devices must support. Some devices are incompatible with the latest technology, so check before making any purchases. 

Second, consider the number of devices you need to connect

WiFi 6 can handle up to four times the number of devices as the previous standard, so ensure you have enough access points to accommodate your needs.

Take advantage of the improved range

WiFi 6 can cover larger areas than the previous standard, so you can reduce the number of access points you need. 

Make sure to keep your network secure

With so many devices connected to the same network, there is an increased risk of security breaches. Take the necessary steps to protect your network and data. Following these best practices will ensure you get the most out of your WiFi.

Security considerations for WiFi 6 networks

You can take a few steps to help mitigate security risks and protect your network. First, ensure all devices are authenticated on the network, meaning they will only be allowed to connect if they use the correct credentials. Next, set up network access control so that only authorized devices can access the network.

Finally, use a VPN to protect data in transit and make sure your sensitive data is protected. The latest WiFi 6 technology brings many benefits for businesses, but it is important to ensure that your network is secure. WiFi 6 brings with it stronger security features, including individual device authentication, group encryption, and advanced protection. However, businesses should still take steps to protect their networks and keep data safe from malicious actors.

Moreover, wireless security is ever more important for businesses and homes, as wireless links have become fast enough to match cabled networking with far greater convenience. With that convenience comes the risk that wireless networking does not have the physical security of cabling, instead utilising wireless security protocols with strong encryption to protect against unauthorised network access, or eavesdropping on client connections to steal data. However, DrayTrek WPA3 Wireless Security brings a number of security improvements and design changes that require hardware and software/operating system support, both for wireless clients and wireless access points.


WiFi 6 is the latest iteration of WiFi technology, bringing with it faster speeds and improved connectivity. With the help of DrayTek, businesses can upgrade their networks to WiFi 6 and take advantage of its benefits. DrayTek’s solutions are tailored to your unique needs and can provide an array of benefits, including increased bandwidth, stronger signal strength, and improved security. With DrayTek’s help, businesses can ensure their networks are running on the latest and greatest WiFi technology and make the most of the opportunities that WiFi 6 presents.

Let’s review the benefits again:

  • Increased bandwidth: WiFi 6 boasts a 3x increase in bandwidth compared to WiFi 5. This means you can stream and download content more efficiently and seamlessly, giving you better access to the content you need.
  • Stronger signal strength: WiFi 6 has a larger coverage area than previous versions, so even if you have a larger space to cover, your WiFi 6 network will provide a strong enough signal to support all connected devices. 
  • Improved security: WiFi 6 requires individual devices to be authenticated, and it can be set to use end-to-end encryption, ensuring privacy and safeguarding against malicious actors.
  • Increased device support: WiFi 6 has been designed to work with a wider range of devices, including IoT devices.
  • Easier set-up: WiFi 6 has a simpler set-up process than previous WiFi iterations.

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