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Sustainable Phones

Cat phones (made by UK-based company Bullitt Group) are explicitly designed to be rugged, with devices built to last and have a longer lifespan. Industry Analyst firm Canalys notes that the current average lifecycle of smartphones in the mass market is approximately 37 months for iPhones and 33 months for Android devices.

Needs For Remote And Hybrid Workspaces

The Future of Work survey by Ergotron, a global company designing and manufacturing ergonomic solutions to improve workspaces and interaction with technology, revealed that despite 88% of employers seeing the importance of bringing IT devices when working in different rooms, almost a quarter (23%) of employers disagreed that the provision of the right ergonomic work conditions and support in employees’ health and overall well-being would be a strong asset in talent acquisition.

How 5G can become a reality and the implementation across the UK and Scotland

We spoke to Lara Moloney, Head of S5GConnect at The Scotland 5G Centre, about the use and implementation of 5G. Lara Moloney has had an extensive career in the smart city sector and was previously a Director and Chief Operating Officer for an independent publishing company -meaning she has experienced all areas of rapid business expansion and implementation.

Transforming the workplace

Businesses used to rely on paper documents and filing systems not that long ago, and this caused some serious issues from the organization, storage, and legal perspectives. The modern way in which we have moved to paperless documents comes with many benefits.

Attaining Production Scale in IoT deployment with a Combined Network Approach

There is no ‘one size fits all’ connectivity approach, which Nick Sacke, Head of IoT and Products at Comms365 outlines. Below, he outlines the key factors that businesses must consider and the crucial questions that must be asked ahead of an IoT production rollout, while emphasising the clear need to use a blended strategy for network connectivity.

Fighting E-waste

The global leader in remanufactured IT, has launched a global IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) programme with sustainability at its core, helping ITAD thought leaders to provide an essential planet-friendly initiative to reduce e-waste.

Remote & Vulnerable

Working life has changed as we know it. The pandemic has acted as a catalyst for businesses to adopt a hybrid working model. This has, however, allowed successful cyberattacks to increase as businesses adapt and transition to the new normal. Andrea Babbs, UK General Manager, VIPRE, emphasises the importance for businesses to have complete all-round security, relying on technology augmented by human intervention.

5G to unleash a digital revolution that will power industry 4.0

Private 5G networks and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) signal a new era in connectivity. They allow businesses access to high bandwidth, ultra-low latency and high reliability. This makes high-speed operations like smart manufacturing, next-generation logistics and self-driving vehicles possible.

5G and its relationship with IoT

There is no question that 5G will become central to how businesses and societies operate in the future, with the shift being likened to moving from a typewriter to a computer. With the combination of both 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT), we will see a huge number of business applications brought to life.

Now is the time for first-party-data to shine

Concerns around consumer privacy, which have been in the shadows for years, finally resulted in two world’s global tech superpowers, Apple and Google, making changes to the way they operate which will have a significant impact on the day-to-day processes of marketers.

The Journey of G

While the 5G rollout symbolizes a move towards the future, there are still millions of IoT equipment relying on 2G and 3G networks today. With networks set to close as soon as 2023 and other providers saying nothing at all, the industry needs clarity. Sutha Siva, CEO of OV, explores why.