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DevOps: Scaling, Securing & Serving the Insurtech Industry

As we move forward into 2023, business leaders in the Insurtech space are considering how to take their companies to the next level, with the help of digital transformation. To remain competitive, they need to embrace new technologies, innovate business processes and keep pace with their competitors in the market.

The Future of Communication

Communication makes the world go around. It is what drives life. And if we have learned nothing else in the challenging times, we have all recently experienced, we have learned the importance of communication and connection, however it is achieved.

Computer success teams: getting the most out of yours

SaaS companies have been discussing the importance of building and maintaining a strong sales team to the success of organizations for years. However, it’s only recently that sales leaders have begun to truly understand the value of customer success to revenue retention and generation.

What is data enablement software?

There has been a common narrative for years that says: ‘in order to understand and make use of our data we need to put it in one place, so that people can make use of it for their business processes.’ Some describe these as their “use cases”.

Classroom management software supporting teachers through flexibility

Despite educators’ best efforts, the digital transformation from in-person to online and hybrid learning certainly didn’t go off without a hitch. The sudden onset of the coronavirus pandemic forced schools to scramble to change their systems overnight. While many schools rushed to purchase online education technology tools, few had the foresight to invest in reliable classroom management software

The Four Key Steps On Purchasing Cloud Software

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, digital transformation efforts have accelerated across the majority of industries with businesses being forced to make alterations to their usual working routines in next to no time. What’s more, remote working made it apparent that legacy systems were no longer up to the task for businesses to operate in an effective manner.

APIs: What are they and how can we embrace them?

Gravitee.io is a leading open-source API platform, enabling worldwide developers and business users to build, manage and monitor their APIs. As a team, we are driven by the purpose of giving customers the ability to manage synchronous and asynchronous APIs securely. We started out as an open-source product and still follow an open-source first ethos within our organization.

Enhancing benefits of Blockchain with Cloud Computing

Blockchain is most simply defined as a shared, immutable ledger that facilitates the process of recording transactions and tracking assets in a business network. As a database, blockchain stores information electronically in a digital format and the technology is renowned for its crucial role in maintaining and securing cryptocurrency systems. It also guarantees the fidelity and security of a record of data and generates trust without the need for a third party, which significantly streamlines processes with end to end visibility and traceability.

Four key steps to purchasing cloud software

Digital transformation efforts have accelerated across the majority of industries and remote working made it apparent that legacy systems were no longer up to the task. The cloud resolves many of these issues by offering improved flexibility, manageability, and a rapid ROI. However, many enterprises aren’t aware of the significant differences between acquiring a new cloud solution and purchasing traditional on-premise software.

The major contrast between the two is that while the former is delivered as a service and purchased as a term contract, usually over a period of three years or more, traditional on-premise software often involves the one-time outright purchase of software. Irrespective of the size of the software being procured, there are four key steps that organisations must follow when it comes to purchasing cloud software.