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Why Data Center Modernization Is Critical To Business Success

Pursuing agility to truly impact business transformation requires embracing data center modernization as a core competency. Crucial to this is...

Equinix Customer Success Story: Lufthansa City Center

Founded in 1991, Lufthansa City Center (LCC) has been experiencing a constant growth, and is today the third-largest travel agency...

Equinix Customer Success Story: trivago

Founded in 2005, trivago has grown from a start-up German business to a global online brand. The company has undergone...

Deliver pre-configured systems to end users faster with Dell Provisioning or VMware Workspace ONE

Compared to a traditional deployment process, the Dell service saved IT time for small and large-scale deployments How long would...

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Why is edge computing needed?

Edge computing is not necessarily a revolution in cloud computing but an evolution of what came before: so why do we need the edge when we have the cloud?