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Cloud Analytics: Growth through strategic decision-making

Analytics and the cloud can play a critical role in optimizing IT operations, streamlining processes, building high-performance teams, and ensuring data security for the organisation. It frees up resources to work on innovation rather than worrying about break-fixes and trying to keep services online. This article explores key benefits businesses stand to gain by moving analytics to the cloud.

Can partners add value to cloud businesses?

Flexibility. Adaptability. Scalability. Agility. These are the attributes that many businesses want to engender in their organisation. In search of these capabilities, many have turned to cloud technologies to help make them more competitive, driving significant levels of growth across the sector.

The German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act

Disruption and change across global supply chains continue to create a challenging environment for retailers. Companies must respond rapidly during crises, such as maintaining the flow of goods and upholding labour standards during COVID-related lockdowns, while also working to meet evolving legal requirements for business conduct.

The Four Key Steps On Purchasing Cloud Software

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, digital transformation efforts have accelerated across the majority of industries with businesses being forced to make alterations to their usual working routines in next to no time. What’s more, remote working made it apparent that legacy systems were no longer up to the task for businesses to operate in an effective manner.

Is it time to ditch passwords altogether?

Never has it been more important for businesses to bolster their defences against cyber-attacks of any description. Steve Whiter, Director of Appurity explains why passwords are an outdated way to secure your self and business against cyberattacks.

Fibre – Is Your Business Being Hoodwinked?

By researching and understanding all of the options, away from the smoke and mirrors marketing tactics, business owners can make a more informed choice around their connectivity and ultimately get what they are actually paying for.

2022: The Year Of The Employee

Employers today need to understand how they can meet employees’ expectations of what they want in a job in order to retain them, especially in an increasingly hybrid workforce-dominated environment.

Ways Cybersecurity Is Key To Business Growth

Cybersecurity can feel a bit like navigating a minefield – while the ground is
constantly shifting beneath your feet. New technologies, evolving business needs
and an ever-expanding attack surface can mean securing all areas of a business
turns into a bit of a headache for organizations while they attempt to keep pace
with threats that are increasingly sophisticated and harder to predict.

The GDPR: Building A More Secure Digital Europe

We are now almost four years on since the GDPR was first introduced. At the time, it was cited to be one of the most profound changes to data protection laws globally, holding organisations directly accountable for the information they store, process and share. It was essentially one of the biggest changes we have seen since the 1998 Data Protection Act, and businesses all looked at how they could comply to avoid hefty fines.