Top Security Technologies – Startup Onboarding New Hires

A strong onboarding experience can affect how long your employees stick with your company. Around 69% of employees who had effective and attentive onboarding stayed with their company for over three years, according to research performed by ClickBoarding.

Security technologies can help you establish more responsive onboarding procedures – want to find out how? Keep reading to learn about the leading security technologies for a startup onboarding new hires.

Cloud-Based Access Control That Integrates With HR Tools

When you invest in an on-premise security system, you lose the potential to build an integrated approach. Cloud-based access control facilitates the development of an integrated system where all security information is available in one place. As you incorporate more tools into your security strategy, you can integrate them with your access control system, which will be the foundation of your building security.

Cloud-based access control provides open API integrations, allowing you to expand the function of your commercial security systems to facilitate better HR management.

HR Integrations For Security

If you have invested in a cloud-based access control system for your startup, you need to know what integrations are available to help with your HR processes and the onboarding of new hires. Below are some of the best HR integrations for cloud-based security.

Desk Booking

A desk booking system is designed to help businesses manage their hybrid workforce and ensure that new hires can easily access in-office resources. Your new hires may be demoralized if they come to the office to work and collaborate with others only to find that there are no available desks. They may not be confident in their role yet, and wasting half their working day traveling to the office and back may leave them feeling stressed and demoralized.

You can implement a desk booking system integrated with your cloud-based access control system to ensure this doesn’t happen. Desk booking software provides your employees and new hires with a digital interface on which they can reserve desk space for when they plan to visit the office. The interface will show your office floorplan, and your employees can view which desks are booked and available, allowing them to reserve space for when they plan to work in the office. If your employees wish to sit in teams, they can see who each desk is reserved for.

Wellness Attestation

One of your HR team’s new responsibilities following the pandemic is ensuring all employees are safe and healthy in the office. Wellness attestation software integrates with access control, providing automated coronavirus screening. If a user needs to enter the building, they must first fill out a digital form regarding their symptoms. They can enter the building if they are in good health and showing no signs. If they are symptomatic, their access will be restricted. You can then advise them to take a coronavirus test or work from home and self-isolate.

Wellness attestation software doesn’t just apply to coronavirus – it can also be a valuable tool for your HR team to check in with employee wellbeing and satisfaction. Your HR teams can create their wellness attestation surveys to see your employees’ mental health and identify any need for a wellness retreat, mental health seminar, or team building day. This kind of wellness attestation benefits startups using a hybrid work model. It allows your HR teams to stay in touch with the workforce without manual intervention, automating the process and allowing all employees to share their feelings amid the current mental health pandemic.

Occupancy Management

Occupancy management software is crucial for startups that are onboarding new hires. You need to know how populated your office space is and identify any need to upsize your office. Occupancy management software makes it straightforward for business leaders to evaluate how busy their offices are and whether it’s time to invest in a larger space.

The software integrates with access control to provide data regarding how busy your office space is throughout the day. After implementing occupancy management software for a few months, you can leverage the data to make informed decisions about your office space.

Remote Security Onboarding And Offboarding

Onboarding new employees within a hybrid work model can be highly challenging. Your HR team mustn’t forget to onboard new employees to your security system and give them access credentials to enter the building. Additionally, they should never neglect to remove employees from the system during the offboarding process, as this could leave you vulnerable to an internal security event caused by an ex-employee.

To allow your HR team to manage the onboarding and offboarding process better remotely, you should invest in a cloud-based system that facilitates remote operations. Your HR team will be able to grant new hires access credentials without visiting the office, and they will be able to remove ex-employees from the system remotely.

Video Intercom Systems

During the interview process, your HR team should be able to permit your interviewees to enter the building remotely. However, while granting access from a remote location, your HR team needs assurance that they aren’t allowing an unauthorized user to enter the building by mistake.

To minimize the risk of remotely granting access, you should invest in integrated video surveillance and access control. Your HR team will be able to communicate with your interviewee and verify their identity before granting them access. If you did not integrate both security tools, your HR team would need to gather video information from a different platform to verify the user’s identity, which could take some time. Rather than leaving your interviewee waiting, you should provide your HR team with the ability to remotely manage access control and view video information on a single interface.

A video intercom reader is an integrated access control and security camera device. It provides cloud-based access control and a high-definition camera in a single device.

Hygiene-Based Technology

Touchless access control allows you to increase the convenience of entry for new hires and employees at your startup while protecting them from spreading germs. Rather than using a key or fob, touchless access control operates using mobile access credentials. Your new hires can download access credentials to their device without waiting for a new key or fob to be created.

When they need to enter the building, your new hires can simply wave their hand over the reader. The reader is equipped with motion sensors. Once these sensors are triggered, the reader will begin communicating with the user’s mobile device via Bluetooth, WiFi, and cellular. The reader uses three modes of communication to ensure no failure and consistently grant entry on the first attempt.

With this technology, you can reduce the number of buttons and touchpoints that users contact daily – considerably reducing the potential spread of germs from person to person in your offices.


Your security system doesn’t just protect your company from security breaches and losses – it can also make the onboarding of new hires much easier for your HR staff. You can build a fully-integrated system with cloud-based security technologies that perform HR and security functions.

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