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More Than 30% of Malicious Attacks Target Shadow APIs

The latest research paper by Cequence Security details the top API threats detected during the first half of 2022. The report is based on analysis of more than 20 billion API transactions and reveals organisations are being plagued by shadow APIs, API abuse and Account Takeover (ATO) etc. It provides some real insights into the scale of these problems, their costs and repercussions.

HUAWEI Mobile Cloud PC elevates Smart Office

Enjoy an elevated Smart Office Experience on the new HUAWEI MateBook Series, with HUAWEI Mobile Cloud PC Client. Powerful hardware combined with the superior technology of HUAWEI Mobile Cloud offers users a more secure and seamless Smart Office Experience.

Is it time to ditch passwords altogether?

Never has it been more important for businesses to bolster their defences against cyber-attacks of any description. Steve Whiter, Director of Appurity explains why passwords are an outdated way to secure your self and business against cyberattacks.

Aqua Security Expands Open Source Trivy

The world’s most popular cloud native vulnerability and risk scanner adds new capabilities to help practitioners seamlessly integrate and scale cloud native security into their Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC)