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What is data enablement software?

There has been a common narrative for years that says: ‘in order to understand and make use of our data we need to put it in one place, so that people can make use of it for their business processes.’ Some describe these as their “use cases”.

Why low-code is the best code

According to Gartner, over 50 percent of medium-to-large enterprises will adopt low or no-code platforms as part of their overall IT strategy by 2023. Low-code platforms are increasingly popular because they help organizations to deliver capabilities faster, reduce reliance and pressure on the workforce and are simpler to understand.

Classroom management software supporting teachers through flexibility

Despite educators’ best efforts, the digital transformation from in-person to online and hybrid learning certainly didn’t go off without a hitch. The sudden onset of the coronavirus pandemic forced schools to scramble to change their systems overnight. While many schools rushed to purchase online education technology tools, few had the foresight to invest in reliable classroom management software

The Four Key Steps On Purchasing Cloud Software

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, digital transformation efforts have accelerated across the majority of industries with businesses being forced to make alterations to their usual working routines in next to no time. What’s more, remote working made it apparent that legacy systems were no longer up to the task for businesses to operate in an effective manner.

What is a SaaS company and what is a Unicorn company?

With SaaS companies offering apps that continue to provide efficient solutions to an array of modern business and consumer needs, the success of this platform format was assured. Nonetheless, as the volume of VC’s driving astronomic valuations increases and becomes more competitive, methods of driving growth and valuing companies are going through a much-needed evolution.

Embracing the potential of clienteling

Retailers are just about keeping up with the terminology for the customer experience market – some broadly accepted buzzwords within CX circles include omnichannel, clienteling, assisted sales, and endless aisle. But it’s retailers’ interpretation of these terms which is proving more of a challenge.

APIs: What are they and how can we embrace them? is a leading open-source API platform, enabling worldwide developers and business users to build, manage and monitor their APIs. As a team, we are driven by the purpose of giving customers the ability to manage synchronous and asynchronous APIs securely. We started out as an open-source product and still follow an open-source first ethos within our organization.

The rise of no-code – what it is and why it’s the future of AI

In the past, building software
applications required months
and years of training to learn
programming languages and
frameworks. A typical software
development journey would
require excessive computing
power, endless trial and error,
and a niche, highly skilled
workforce – just to arrive
at a successful outcome.
But thanks to the rise of
no-code software, things have
changed dramatically – and
soon all the technically difficult
software development and
endless hard toll – will come
to an end.


After a long period of restrictions and countless cancelled events all over
the world, we are extremely excited to announce that Dublin Tech Summit
(DTS) LIVE is back on 15-16 June 2022, at Dublin’s most famous venue,
the RDS, in accordance with all governmental COVID safety guidelines.
Our event will bring together over 8,000 professionals from over 60
countries with inspiring speakers and a showcase of cutting-edge products
from our 65 corporate partners. You will be able to interact with the public,
have the opportunity to present your global offering and build relationships
with your customers, all of which will help build brand awareness and
business development across the globe.

Sustainable Phones

Cat phones (made by UK-based company Bullitt Group) are explicitly designed to be rugged, with devices built to last and have a longer lifespan. Industry Analyst firm Canalys notes that the current average lifecycle of smartphones in the mass market is approximately 37 months for iPhones and 33 months for Android devices.

Needs For Remote And Hybrid Workspaces

The Future of Work survey by Ergotron, a global company designing and manufacturing ergonomic solutions to improve workspaces and interaction with technology, revealed that despite 88% of employers seeing the importance of bringing IT devices when working in different rooms, almost a quarter (23%) of employers disagreed that the provision of the right ergonomic work conditions and support in employees’ health and overall well-being would be a strong asset in talent acquisition.

How 5G can become a reality and the implementation across the UK and Scotland

We spoke to Lara Moloney, Head of S5GConnect at The Scotland 5G Centre, about the use and implementation of 5G. Lara Moloney has had an extensive career in the smart city sector and was previously a Director and Chief Operating Officer for an independent publishing company -meaning she has experienced all areas of rapid business expansion and implementation.

Transforming the workplace

Businesses used to rely on paper documents and filing systems not that long ago, and this caused some serious issues from the organization, storage, and legal perspectives. The modern way in which we have moved to paperless documents comes with many benefits.

Attaining Production Scale in IoT deployment with a Combined Network Approach

There is no ‘one size fits all’ connectivity approach, which Nick Sacke, Head of IoT and Products at Comms365 outlines. Below, he outlines the key factors that businesses must consider and the crucial questions that must be asked ahead of an IoT production rollout, while emphasising the clear need to use a blended strategy for network connectivity.

Fighting E-waste

The global leader in remanufactured IT, has launched a global IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) programme with sustainability at its core, helping ITAD thought leaders to provide an essential planet-friendly initiative to reduce e-waste.

Remote & Vulnerable

Working life has changed as we know it. The pandemic has acted as a catalyst for businesses to adopt a hybrid working model. This has, however, allowed successful cyberattacks to increase as businesses adapt and transition to the new normal. Andrea Babbs, UK General Manager, VIPRE, emphasises the importance for businesses to have complete all-round security, relying on technology augmented by human intervention.

5G to unleash a digital revolution that will power industry 4.0

Private 5G networks and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) signal a new era in connectivity. They allow businesses access to high bandwidth, ultra-low latency and high reliability. This makes high-speed operations like smart manufacturing, next-generation logistics and self-driving vehicles possible.