After a long period of restrictions and countless cancelled events all over
the world, we are extremely excited to announce that Dublin Tech Summit
(DTS) LIVE is back on 15-16 June 2022, at Dublin’s most famous venue,
the RDS, in accordance with all governmental COVID safety guidelines.
Our event will bring together over 8,000 professionals from over 60
countries with inspiring speakers and a showcase of cutting-edge products
from our 65 corporate partners. You will be able to interact with the public,
have the opportunity to present your global offering and build relationships
with your customers, all of which will help build brand awareness and
business development across the globe.


● Meaningful business relationships with prospects: by partnering at
Dublin Tech Summit Live, you will have the chance to expose and
promote your brand and products to over 8,000 professionals and
build meaningful in-person relationships with strong prospects.
Networking lounge, one-to-one meetings, speaking opportunities
in workshops or conference sessions are some ideas on how you
could partner with us.

● Be inspired by new industry trends: hear the latest insights and
developments from over 200 thought and business leaders in your
industry and put those takeaways into practice. DTS22 will do a
deep dive into emerging technologies that are disrupting
industries including Finance, Retail, Healthcare, Security and
many more!

● Unique opportunities to meet with C-Suite attendees and
investors: Connect with tech decision-makers from various
industries and countries. Exchange ideas with the best influencers
in their fields and participate in intriguing panel sessions.
What are you waiting for? Join DTS 2022!

Book your ticket today using the code DTS22TBT and get 20% off.

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