CCTV OEMs: 3 Reasons to embark on a technology partnership

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Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partnerships can be a way for businesses to receive access to new markets, reduce time and development costs and receive personalised services.

They say that two heads are better than one. Most successful businesses rely on the integration of different resources and skills sets, a combination that can be achieved most easily through partnering with a Tier 1 technology vendor.

Not only are partnerships a way to team up with a like-minded company that shares your vision and values, but it is also a shortcut to outsourcing your weaknesses, building on your strengths, and conquering your chosen market.

With any kind of business partnership, there’s an expectation of high quality from all sides; with OEM partnerships, there’s even more potential than usual. An OEM partnership can expose both businesses to an enlarged ecosystem of IT solutions, services and specialists. Furthermore, Tier 1 technology vendors, such as Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), have dedicated programs purposely designed to aid OEMs and technology partners: these programs are devised specifically to improve speed, cost and efficiency and can be tailored depending on the business involved.

In the context of the CCTV industry, any solution provider in this field stands to gain from an OEM partnership, whether this be accelerating time-to-market for new products, ensuring global distribution, or accessing technical and advisory support from anywhere in the world.

With that being said, let’s delve into the three key benefits of OEM partnerships for CCTV solution providers.

Ensure reliable sourcing and secure product build

Whatever field you’re in, it’s important to surround your business with both deep expertise and secure products – especially given the looming, ever-present threat of a data breach.

This is especially true of technology firms. CCTV cameras and systems, for example, are reliant on hundreds of tiny parts. By extension, that would make them reliant on a number of manufacturers, which introduces a multitude of security risks. It goes without saying then how important it is to ensure each component (be it hardware or software) is sourced directly and updated with security patches direct from the manufacturer in question.

HPE offers an outstanding OEM partner program. / Credit: Computer World

An OEM partnership usually takes care of both sourcing and security updates. For example, HPE OEM Solutions ensures each software and hardware part has the correct certification and is vigorously tested for security before using it in any product build. And after the product has been shipped, it is continually monitored by a team of experts to update and maintain the firmware.

With all this being taken care of in the background, CCTV solution providers can focus their time and energy on what they do best – ensuring the best value-add for their product, both before and after its go-to-market.

Increased competitiveness through reduced costs and extended market reach

In such a competitive market as CCTV, solution providers need to constantly streamline, become more efficient and find ways to get parts more cost effectively – or risk elimination. Paying a selection of manufacturers for their parts soon adds up but by partnering with one business instead, businesses can focus on dealing with just that one business, which helps save costs.

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In addition, the global logistics and supply chain offered by HPE OEM Solutions enables the shipping of solutions with the same high-quality build each time, from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world. Furthermore, HPE OEM Solutions will also ensure that every product from its partners is developed to be compliant with the specific legislation of each region. The combined impact of these services – which come as part of the HPE OEM partner program – have helped CCTV solution providers such as Vista and Venzo Secure expand into new geographies and take their business global.

Receive bespoke, end-to-end support

An OEM partnership can offer tailored support, management and services to meet specific business needs and goals, enabling CCTV solution providers to bring first-class solutions to market efficiently.

This is a partnership in the truest sense of the word: developing a relationship with another business means it is in both parties’ interest to offer the other exactly what they want and need. At HPE OEM Solutions, some of the partnerships have been ongoing for over ten years. This speaks volumes for the enduring value of the relationship, which continues to reap rewards for both sides. Here, personalised support is offered throughout the product lifecycle, which means that it continues to be available after the product has been built and shipped, both to the CCTV solution providers themselves as well as to their end customers.

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