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Smart tech for smart traveling

With the world getting back to some kind of new normal, many business leaders need to start their business travels again. With travel comes the need to work from cars, coffee shops, and anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection. While sometimes it might seem daunting to travel and work simultaneously, a few things can help ensure smart traveling to make the workers’ experience easier.

The rise of lights-out automation in medtech

The global pandemic sped up digital transformations for businesses across the globe. Dr Chantelle Kiernan, Senior Scientific Advisor – Innovation & Digital Transformation (Manufacturing), IDA Ireland explains how the health crisis accelerated lights-out manufacturing in Ireland’s medtech industry.

Meet the technology building the smart cities of the future

Today’s smart cities are transforming the way we live, work and play. But far from being just a 21st-century gimmick, there are significant—even life-changing—advantages to the implementation of smart technology in cities around the world, says Matthew Margetts, Director of Sales and Marketing at Smarter Technologies.

Ransomware surges in, and the data floods out

Prior to his role at IntSights, Paul Prudhomme worked in cyber threat intelligence at Deloitte and VeriSign’s iDefense. Through the following article, Paul aims to raise awareness around the evolution of ransomware and current threats to business data. Prudhomme discusses how criminals are deploying ransomware and what business leaders need to know when it comes to protecting themselves against data leakage.

What does the edge mean for IoT?

Peter Ruffley, CEO, Zizo, outlines how edge IoT and analytics can provide a powerful mechanism for translating complex data sources into a streamlined, lower-cost platform.

The uptake of IoT for UK county councils

Nick Sacke, head of IoT solutions at Comms365, discusses some of the priority challenges local authorities are facing, and how IoT deployments can be rapidly rolled out and scaled to not just overcome such challenges, but exceed them.

Importance of AI in IoT Security

Cyber security is a highly volatile, changing landscape by its very definition. Ensuring efficient defensive posture requires continuous threat monitoring, developing defensive strategies to meet them, and implementing new countermeasures.

Manufacturing at the Edge

Companies are grappling with the enormous challenges that data and automation are presenting in today’s modern manufacturing environment.

Organisations know that the faster they can act to improve processes and lower costs, the more competitive they can be.