PROS and Diggintravel redefine the end-to-end travel experience

Academy findings reveal digital commerce and data intelligence remain paramount to transforming customer experience and fuelling the post-pandemic road to recovery.

PROS, a provider of AI-powered solutions that optimise selling in the digital economy, announced the outcomes from the inaugural Airline Digital Retailing Academy, conducted in collaboration with Diggintravel. Airlines from around the globe participated in the comprehensive five-week training and certification program focusing on how to utilize technology to transform the digital customer experience and fuel post-pandemic recovery. Learnings from the ground-breaking digital course reinforced greater; faster experimentation is essential for defining highly personalized, end-to-end digital travel experiences that ultimately meet passenger preferences.

The advent of new technologies continues to evolve traveller expectations forcing airlines to catch up and meet current demands while anticipating new digital trends. Cohesive, compelling end-to-end digital travel experiences can only be delivered if airline professionals across product, eCommerce, marketing, ancillary and revenue management teams have a holistic, data-informed view of the customer.

To engage travellers and generate demand, PROS and Diggintravel curated curriculum around the top key initiatives airlines need to drive end-to-end digital transformation:

1. Pricing control across all channels to align with passenger needs
2. Digital self-service technology to reduce the burden on the already depleted customer service departments
3. Customer data insights and analysis to best understand passenger demand and inform revenue forecasts
4. Consolidated supplier network and renegotiated contracts to achieve incremental cost-savings
5. New product offerings, ancillaries, or repackaging of existing offerings to yield new revenue streams

“Airlines that invest the most in listening to and understanding their customers will have the best foundation for success in 2021 and beyond,” said PROS Vice President, Principal-Travel Retail, IATA Air Think Tank member and academy instructor Mike Slone. “For airlines to succeed in this post-pandemic era, they must be committed to ongoing research and consistent processes that will allow them to understand every travel persona, targeted scenario and complex journey.”

The Academy boasts a unique format designed to take attendees on a learning journey while providing direct access to well-known industry experts and dedicated mentors. The interactive course includes a mix of instruction, case study work, discussion and networking with follow-on options for more in-depth learning.


“There is an immense opportunity and responsibility for airlines to listen, change and innovate if they are to generate new revenue streams under volatile conditions – today or in the future,” said Founder of Diggintravel Iztok Franko. “The Academy is determined to support airlines by focusing on experimentation and continuous innovation, exploring UX and digital strategy as a research strategy tool to ultimately increase revenues and broaden business models.”

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