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SMEs must prepare for the next cyber attack?

Ultimately, leave nothing to chance. Always expect an attack to happen, as cybercriminals are constantly looking for that open entryway. SMEs cannot afford to leave the door open. One negative experience can damage your customer relationships, reputation and overall business health. In this constant game of cat and mouse, we all need to be on our guard.

Micro-fulfilment and Opportunistic Retail

James Hyde, Chief Product Officer & Founder, James and James Fulfilment ,explains how cloud based business intelligence led fulfilment is delivering the agility required to enable truly opportunistic retail.

Embracing the potential of clienteling

Retailers are just about keeping up with the terminology for the customer experience market – some broadly accepted buzzwords within CX circles include omnichannel, clienteling, assisted sales, and endless aisle. But it’s retailers’ interpretation of these terms which is proving more of a challenge.

Is your business ready for Headless Commerce?

Sam Van Hees, co-founder & CMO of Instant Commerce, a frontend as a service solution which enables any eCommerce brand to build a high-end headless storefront, explores the top seven signs your ecommerce business is ready to make the switch to headless commerce.

Embracing the value of AI for payments

George Ralchev is the Head of Security at emerchantpay, a leading global payment service provider. In this article, George explores the value of AI in today’s payments and retail landscape with a particular focus on how merchants can ensure that their security capabilities are innovating alongside growing digitization in payments and consumer shopping patterns.