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Unlocking productivity and efficiency gains with data management

Enterprise data has been closely linked with hardware for numerous years, but an exciting transformation is underway as the era of the hardware businesses is gone. With advanced data services available through the cloud, organisations can forego investing in hardware and abandon infrastructure management in favour of data management.

Does Change Management Need to Change?

Change management is often a one-way street that ignores a really important part of the equation: the people impacted by it. Does change management need to change? Paolo Juvara from Pure Storage shares if digital transformation is the goal, yes, it does.

2022: Delivering omnichannel digital retail innovation with an emotional connection

Radical changes took place in 2021 retail sales models, with traditional in-store retailers adopting digital apps and clienteling to offer a hybrid in-store and digital presence. Already-online retailers raced to embrace complex technologies to deliver omnichannel digital experiences. Customer experience can’t mean more to brands, and the human touch of ‘in-store’ assistants is a growing trend to support digital technologies for a hybrid sales process. Sarah Friswell, CEO at Red Ant, discusses what 2022 may hold for retailers to deliver for consumers’ needs and offers some tips to deliver CX that builds loyalty and impacts the bottom line. 

The vital role business plays in the business intelligence equation

As organizations continue turning their attention to technology advancements, to maintain some form of ‘business as usual’, there has never been a greater need for companies to truly understand the data they hold, and how to interpret it. Phillip Smith, the chief architect at workplace data analytics firm Tiger, explains more.

Don’t innovate for innovation’s sake

Embarking on a digital transformation project can be exciting for many organizations – especially when customers, prospects, employees, and wider stakeholders feel the changes in a positive way. However, if the motivation to undergo a programme is purely for vanity or because a competitor is doing the same thing, it’s likely to fall flat.

That’s because innovation isn’t simply a case of rolling out a new product or service without substance or thought. Instead, it’s about adding value, as Carol McGrotty, head of transformation for cloud disruptor firm Vapour, explains.

Britannic Technologies deconstructs digital transformation

There is no escaping digital transformation for businesses. The rise of Industry 4.0 has meant that any organization not implementing digital solutions to drive business will be left behind and overtaken by organizations that do. Britannic Technologies breaks down what drives digital transformation and its value today.

Why future is hybrid service

Joseph Kenny, Vice President Global Customer Transformation for ServiceMax, looks at the evolution of automation and the hybrid opportunities that technology will provide in the future.