THU 7 MAY – Martijn Stegink – Greenpeace – Leadership Deep Dive

Tomorrow on #LeadershipDeepDive we talk to Martijn Stegink, who has become Global IT Director at Greenpeace 12 years ago, becoming the first one to last in this role for over two years and gain the organisation’s trust in IT.

Martijn will share:
– How to navigate cultural differences in an organisation spanning 28 countries?
– How to keep commitments and keep options open at the same time?
– How to balance sovereignty of local offices and global communication platforms

Tune in tomorrow, and make sure to catch up on the whole series on #CIONETTV

Martijn Stegink is a finalist in the European Digital Leader Of The Year contest organised annually by CIONET. The winners will be announced at CIONEXT on 26th June 2020.

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