Ed Beccle Interviewed by Maggie Philbin OBE | GEW 20 x 20

Ed Beccle is a 21-year-old serial entrepreneur and co-founder of GraspHR, Glorify and Yessspad. He’s on the board of Reboot the future and an advisor to KYC global technologies and Dakia Global (In partnership with Universal Music Group).

Ed left school having built and licensed his first app (Grasp Tutoring) to a Chinese education firm, before co-founding Yessspad with the billion-dollar wholesaler Yesss Electrical. The Yessspad sales enablement platform now helps facilitates hundreds of millions in sales across Europe. Ed later went on to start Glorify, a leading Christian meditation app with the likes of Joel Houston, Matt Redman, Sadie Robertson and more.

Ed is currently CEO and Co-founder of GraspHR, an enterprise software platform powering tacit knowledge sharing and mentoring, throughout corporates around the world like Unilever and Improbable. Co-founded in 2018 with Henry Costa, Grasp has raised seven figures from world famous FTSE 100 CEO’s and investors. Grasp.hr

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