Max Fuller CEO/Founder of Mutual | GEW 20 x 20

Max has been in and around the ‘property business’ for over thirty years, and it shows. He understands big complicated estate agency concepts, and loves getting into the detail of things. Most importantly he solves vendor, buyer, and estate agent’s problems. Imagine Rodin’s thinker, or Mastermind’s black chair, and you are very much in Max’s territory.

Story: Mutual is the ‘The Off-Market Property Platform’ for the public and ‘The Pre-Portal Property Platform’ for estate agents. Max has set out to create a platform that goes against the grain in the property sector, a platform that mutually benefits all parties involved. Old fashioned property portals list stock or property inventory; diminish agents’ brands and keep the three key stakeholders in the property mix, estate agents, vendors and buyers segregated. In the age of Generation-Z, high interconnection, think social media and changing property consumer habits, Mutual has the Mastermind winning answer.