Mark Jow and Nigel Tozer – Commvault – Discussion on Ransomware | GEW 20 x 20

Mark Jow and Nigel Tozer discuss the importance of data resilience and working efficiently with malware for GEW 20 x 20.

GReAT tutors in your home

Luke Conrad • 15th April 2021

Kaspersky has expanded its portfolio of online training for cybersecurity professionals by launching a course geared around reverse engineering.

How to protect your corporate network this year: top three...

Rich Turner • 13th April 2021

The past year has presented challenge after challenge for corporate IT teams. Managing the forced office exodus caused by the pandemic was no small feat, and that was just the beginning, with the subsequent emergence of a plethora of security threats representing one of the biggest challenges to business continuity most organisations have ever encountered.