THU 14 MAY – Arnaud Coustillière, Ministry of Armed Forces

Vice Admiral Arnaud Coustillière has spent his entire career in the French Army, during which he embarked on several warships where he held operational command positions. As of 2017, he is General Director of Digital and Information and Communication Systems, managing an IT budget of ca. €3.5B.

He has established the “Digital Platform Management Unit” (UM SNUM in French) and led the development of “Defense Connect” and “Defense Platform”, which were essential for achieving the ambition of the Ministry of Armed Forces to leverage massive amounts of data and new technologies for digital transformation.

Tomorrow, in The Last #ECOTY Episode of Leadership Deep Dive, Vice Admiral talks to Hendrik Deckers about how military experience shaped him as a leader, about facing cybersecurity threats of national security level, about France’s ambition of operating a cuttine-edge innovation ecosystem, and about bringing agile culture into this traditional organisation.


Arnaud Coustillière is a finalist in the European Digital Leader Of The Year Awards organised annually by CIONET. The winners will be announced at CIONEXT on 26th June 2020.

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