Rafael Lopez Gracia – Head of Retail Systems at BBVA Transformation Factory

In the second part of the conversation with the leaders behind BBVA’s award-winning mobile banking experience, Hendrik Deckers talks to Rafael Lopez Gracia, Head of Retail Systems at BBVA Transformation Factory. Rafael shares the technological and organisational background of the transformation that made BBVA’s IT organisation fast, efficient and innovative.


00:00 – Introduction: Rafael Lopez Gracia, Head of IT at BBVA Transformation Factory.
04:44 – Attracting and keeping IT talent
06:50 – Working with the IT ecosystem
09:00 – Rafael’s role in the IT organisation
11:34 – Rafael’s personal values and strengths
13:16 – Advice to future digital leaders
14:22 – How has the role of a CIO changed in the last 10 years?
– distributed leadership
15:45 – Rafael’s leadership style
17:50 – Rafael’s MBTI profile – ESTP
19:55 – Rafael’s personal mantra and mentors

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