Martin Bellamy – CIO of Financial Conduct Authority – Cloud transformation of FCA

Before joining FCA, Martin Bellamy has accrued massive experience in both the public and commercial sector. He has managed IT operations at Cambridge University (as CIO), Reuters, Department of Work and Pensions, Ministry of Justice – to mension a few. He also holds a phD in cloud computing.

Financial Conduct Authority is one of the most important financial authorities in the world, overseeing the financial sector in the UK, home to London Stock Exchange.

Cloud computing is commonly viewed by IT directors with suspicion because of local regulation concerns. So it is a great privilege to talk to Martin Bellamy, who not only is leading one of the most ambitious cloud migrations in an environment most sensitive to compliance and security concerns, but has also led an initiative to set standards for large-scale cloud migrations in general. In this episode of #LeadershipDeepDive he also talks to Hendrik Deckers about how this ambitious plan was the only logical conclusion for FCA’s needs, how it relates to Brexit, how it is organised from an operational perspective, how decisions were made and how it was implemented.


Martin Bellamy is a Finalist of European CIO of The Year Awards 2020 for leading a daring cloud transformation transformation of FCA. Find out more:


01:10 – Martin Bellamy – CIO of Financial Conduct Authority – bio and introduction
02:15 – ECOTY-nominated project: Cloud migration of FCA
– security and risk assessment,
– migration strategy,
– SaaS,
– cloud model,
– progress,
– technological debt,
– new services in the cloud
14:12 – Virtual private cloud in AWS
16:09 – Planning for Brexit
17:09 – [transitioning from Waterfall to Agile]
18:35 – Martin’s phD in cloud computing
24:53 – Building UK’s largest academic supercomputer as CIO of Cambridge University
26:16 – How the structure of FCA’s IT organisation changed and why
28:26 – Attracting talent to FCA
30:01 – The impact of Brexit on IT systems
31:53 – How IT is organised now at FCA

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