Manuel Bento, CEO of Euronext Technologies – Self-awareness and Growth in the world of trading

Euronext is the largest stock exchange in continental Europe and developing a trading platform requires unconventional technologies and highly specialised developers. Based in Lisbon, despite a difficult job market, Euronext Technologies managed to overcome that challenge.

In this episode of Leadership Deep Dive, Manuel Bento, CEO of Euronext Technologies and CSO of Euronext, talks with Hendrik Deckers about raising the bar when it’s already impossibly high, about learning to express emotions, about honesty, self awareness and the secret to keeping the best specialists engaged at their job in the high-velocity world of trading.


02:03 – ECOTY-nominated project: New trading system for Euronext
08:24 – How Manuel built a specialised team for developing the new trading system // The IT job market in Portugal
11:30 – How to attract talent and keep people engaged

// Working in a multi-cultural team

14:43 – How cybersecurity is organised in Euronext

// Experience diversity brings better results
// Why constant learning is key to retaining talent

20:04 – Data Office
22:57 – How IT is organised at Euronext
24:29 – Manuel’s role in the organisation
26:29 – Manuel’s management style

// You succeed if your people succeed

28:20 – What do people say about you when you’re not around?
29:27 – Manuel’s MBTI profile

// When introverts become extroverts
// Every positive change starts with self-awareness

33:23 – Learning to express emotions
35:13 – Learning to relax
37:05 – The values you want to pass on to your children
39:02 – Manuel’s mentors and what they taught him
41:03 – Advice to future CIOs
43:27 – Success in the past environment doesn’t guarantee success in the future

// Build a team that will one day replace you

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