eObuwie.pl – Redefining Omnichannel, Ignoring Limitations

eObuwie.pl offers over 50,000 models of shoes and they are selling most of them in physical, fully digital stores with no merchandise exposition and 4 to 24 hour delivery time.

This biggest online footwear retailer in Poland decided to fix all the problems of online shopping (inability to try on selected shoes) and offline shopping (difficulty to search and incomplete stock) by creating a completely unique omnichannel experience.

In this episode of #LeadershipDeepDive Hendrik Deckers talks to Jarosław Hoffmann, former CIO of eObuwie and the company’s Head of Retail, Konrad Jezierski.

Table of Contents:

01:00 Konrad Jezierski, Head of Retail at eObuwie.pl
01:44 Digital physical stores
16:10 The results of the project
19:09 How business and IT collablrated
21:01 What makes your IT department exceptional?
22:54 What drives you in your job?
26:35 What’s unique in your organisation to make it successful?
28:21 esize.me – 3D scanner for shoe size measurement and generating custome insoles

27:28 Jarosław Hoffmann, former CIO of eObuwie.pl
34:56 How IT is organised at eObuwie
36:46 What is your management style?
38:39 What makes your team follow your lead?
39:45 Jaroslaw’s MBTI profile
44:06 What values do you want to pass on to your children?
45:51 Jaroslaw’s advice to future digital leaders


In the Leadership Deep Dive series we meet with the top CIOs in Europe. We are exploring what makes great digital leaders tick: how they lead and manage people, how they approach the intersection of business and technology, how they make decisions. What are their personality types and management styles? How do they manage the demands of their complex and challenging role?

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