Charlotte Light – CIO of Channel 4 – When people do their best work

Leadership styles fall on the spectrum between total control and total empowerment.

Charlotte Light, CIO of Channel 4, shared with us her journey to finding the balance in that and her perspective on how trying to control the information flow in a team can lead to people losing touch with their motivation.

Listen to the whole #LeadershipDeepDive episode, where Hendrik Deckers talks to Charlotte about modernising the digital TV platform at Channel 4, about building a relationship with suppliers in an agile working model, about leadership in uncertain environments, and the lessons she learned in her career – from marine biology, through IT consultancy, to being a CIO.

Charlotte Light is one of the 8 finalists of the European CIO Of The Year Awards (ECOTY). The winner will be announced on February 14th at CIONEXT ( – a virtual conference dedicated to top CIO perspectives on Hyper-personalisation, Cloud adoption and the Digital Leaders’ place in the board.


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