Charlotte Light – CIO of Channel 4 – Overcoming Differences, Getting Things Done

Charlotte Light went a long way from a degree in archaeology and marine science to CIO of British TV broadcaster Channel 4.

In this episode of Leadership Deep Dive Charlotte talks to Hendrik Deckers about managing the balance between conflicting interests in IT operations, overcoming limiting beliefs and traits, getting things done and leadership in diverse environments.

Charlotte is a finalist in this year’s European CIO of The Year awards (, having led an ambitious program of modernising and scaling Channel 4’s Digital TV platform, All4.

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01:05 – Charlotte Light – CIO of Channel 4

ECOTY Transformation project: Modernisation of Digital TV platform

9:21 – Agile cooperation with IT suppliers
16:56 – Managing supply and demand of IT services / How IT is organised at Channel 4
22:07 – How business and IT work together at Channel 4
25:17 – Managing shadow IT
28:12 – Charlotte’s management and leadership style
31:28 – Charlotte’s background / From marine science to IT management
35:40 – The secret to getting things done
47:07 – Charlotte’s personality type
52:00 – Developing immunity to criticism and failure
53:23 – Personal mantra and values
55:17 – If you’re afraid of something, you just need to go for it
58:15 – Institute of Coding
1:02:00 – How do you attract talent to Channel 4?
1:03:30 – Mentors you’ve had in your life and lessons you’ve learned about management and leadership
1:07:10 – Charlotte’s advice for future CIOs
1:11:40 – Managing technological debt


In the Leadership Deep Dive series we meet with the top CIOs in Europe. We are exploring what makes great digital leaders tick: how they lead and manage people, how they approach the intersection of business and technology, how they make decisions. What are their personality types and management styles? How do they manage the demands of their complex and challenging role?

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