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Thinking beyond the cloud

The action plan and sequence of moving beyond the cloud should become a step-by-step road map to transform the enterprise with a clear business case and case for change. Whilst the plan by its nature will be different for each enterprise, the end goal is the same as it is your business is unique, not your IT.

The future of SaaS and unstructured data

The shift to remote working caused an explosion in the use of SaaS apps for virtual collaboration and document sharing. But this has not been without risk, especially when the data within is unstructured. Maximising visibility and keeping tabs on access rights is key to protecting this new perimeter for security said Grady Summers, Executive Vice President of Product at SailPoint.

5 cloud computing trends you need to consider

The use of the cloud is ubiquitous in business today. From the Internet becoming the corporate network to the IT supply chain being rewritten, Adrian Davey, IT strategy consultant at Agilisys outlines the five cloud computing trends every business needs to consider as we move beyond the cloud.

Overcoming SaaS chaos: how to pave the way for the future of work

In 2020’s rush to adapt to remote work, organisations turned to SaaS to guarantee business continued as usual. A year on, decisions made in haste are beginning to show the cracks; one-size-fits-all blanket subscriptions are no longer a viable long-term solution. Leigh Martin, Product Director at Snow Software, explains how businesses can overcome SaaS chaos and better optimise their solutions.

Xactly Launches Accelerate Revenue Transformation Service

Xactly, the leader in revenue intelligence solutions, announced its new, complementary revenue transformation service, Xactly Transform, which provides enterprise organizations with the expertise needed to unlock the immediate and long-term value of Xactly’s revenue intelligence and performance solutions.