COHO launches coliving management platform to boost tenant compatibility

Using COHO’s new platform, House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) property investors and managers can tap into tenant compatibility for a more sustainable business model

After 18 months in development, COHO unveils its HMO and coliving management platform at RE:Connect. Designed with optimising tenancy occupancy in mind, COHO already has 600 rooms under management through the system after last July’s beta release. Founder Vann Vogstad, a serial entrepreneur and an evangelist on the concept of coliving aims to help property professionals to not only administer their rental portfolios more efficiently with modern tools such as AI technology but also enables people to find compatible housemates.

Vogstad explains: “COVID has hugely accelerated the evolution of the private rental sector. With changing economics many new people are looking to HMOs for affordable living, but do not want to forego quality, and definitely don’t want to feel they live with people they don’t get on with.

Property Platform
Vann Vogstad, Founder of COHO

“COHO helps property investors and managers remove much of the admin effort from running a shared house, whilst helping get a home of compatible housemates, and offering a great user experience all around.”

COHO is a next-generation SaaS proptech platform that enables flexible and effortless end-to-end management of HMO properties through AI-driven automation. 

By seamlessly overlapping over 25 services, it uses AI to mimic the approach traditionally undertaken by property management agents. The new management platform carries all the smart tools expected by the modern digital user, including: 

● Automatic listing of available rooms in a property to the leading tenant-find marketplaces. 

● Unified and organized messaging to keep track of all communications within your property portfolio including the tracking of service and maintenance tasks. 

● Automation of important tasks with timely reminders to ensure compliance with the latest regulations. 

● Over 25 services to date simplifying property management including rent tracking & collection, and digital signing of important documents. COHO also offers a place for people to find their next ideal shared home. 

Whilst traditional listing sites focus on the property, COHO puts the housemates at the front, allowing people to find a home full of people more like themselves. The launch can be viewed live at RE:Connect at 2pm GMT on 7th  January 2021 as part of a full day of coliving-focused content curated by COHO under the theme “Is Coliving the future of residential real estate?”. All sessions will also be available to view on catch-up.

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