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The race to dominate the AI space

The launch of Chat GPT-4 in March of this year provided the catalyst for a conversation that has been gaining momentum for some time now: How will artificial intelligence (AI) change the world?

How connectivity is enabling smart, sustainable utilities

Water. It’s our most precious natural resource and we all need it to survive.
But, climate change means both flooding and water scarcity have presented huge challenges over the past few years. Whether it’s taking steps to improve the UK’s flood defences or becoming more efficient with the way we use water, one thing is clear: we need to act now to protect our environment and natural resources.

How will smart cities empower residents?

There is an eagerness among policymakers, technologists, and urbanists alike to seize this moment to “build back better” and re-imagine cities that are more resilient, inclusive, and sustainable. Our cities have the potential to respond to our needs but also alter urban life in more profound and personal ways as well.

Fibre – Is Your Business Being Hoodwinked?

By researching and understanding all of the options, away from the smoke and mirrors marketing tactics, business owners can make a more informed choice around their connectivity and ultimately get what they are actually paying for.

Busting the Myths of SD-WAN

Cat Allen, Senior Product Marketing Manager for Network Security at Forcepoint tells us about SD-WAN and the benefits of using this in a business, addressing the myths that have spread about its use.

How innovation and altnets can come together to drive a gigabit-capable future

As the UK gears up for ultrafast broadband speeds to power forward a greater sense of connectedness, there is a growing section of the telecoms industry called altnets that can be key to ensuring the nation keeps on track towards its 2025 gigabit-capable targets.

But what are altnet providers and why is technology vital in helping them to continue to compete against the sector giants? Matt Harrison, chief strategy and innovation officer for Network Services Provider Flomatik, explores how they can play an important role in keeping Britain connected.

VoIP vs. UCaaS: The Main Differences

Companies have had to swiftly adapt to support a remote workforce since the emergence of COVID-19. With remote working poised to become the norm, IT and network managers are rethinking their technology roadmap. Many face choosing between VoIP and UCaaS solutions for their business communication needs.