Android TV device management: a single solution for all stakeholders

Nadav Avni, Chief Marketing Officer at Radix Technologies, discusses the benefits of an all-in-one Android TV Device Management Solution and the essential role that Android TV devices can bring to company stakeholders.
Nadav Avni, Chief Marketing Officer at Radix Technologies, discusses the benefits of an all-in-one Android TV Device Management Solution and the essential role that Android TV devices can bring to company stakeholders.

Slowly but surely, Android TV continues to emerge as a force to reckon with in the Smart TV arena. Introduced in 2014, in the wake of the smart television revolution, Android TV maximized home entertainment with the power of the Android operating system. This gave TV sets added utility and connectivity outside of their default applications. As a result, many telco operators and internet service providers feature Android TV as their primary system in their fleet devices. 

These smart devices provide clients with convenient add-ons such as streaming services and social media right on their TV. However, managing and maintaining thousands of devices deployed throughout an area of operations is not a small feat. Instead of relying on default management systems with limited features, companies need more effective Android TV device management solutions. 

How large is the Android TV market in 2021? According to 360 Research Reports, the global market’s total value is at US$3.26bn. By the end of 2026, the market expects the Android TV market to grow at a 24.8% CAGR to reach $15.36bn. With more and more devices entering the market, having reliable Android TV device management software helps maximize hardware investments. 

Company stakeholders and Android TV device management solutions

Whether used in the form of smart TVs, set-top boxes, kiosks, or digital billboards, Android TV devices bring more than just connectivity. They offer a rich set of features that extend beyond providing streaming services, games, and social apps. As a result, different organizations within the company will have different uses and requirements for Android TV fleet devices. Apart from routine maintenance and security activities, certain stakeholders may also use the devices for collecting and analyzing user data, broadcasting push messages, and displaying advertising images. Unlocking these additional features often requires specialized Android TV device management software. 

Developers, OEMs, and vendors

Once Android TV devices are in customers’ hands, developers, OEMs, and vendors have a gigantic responsibility to ensure all units remain updated system-wide. Performing individual, on-site updates is only feasible for fleets that number a few dozen at most. Remote, cloud-based solutions that can seamlessly connect devices to perform updates are a minimum requirement. 

IT administrators and technical support

IT administrators can create various management layers for specific devices in order to compartmentalize access to certain features. They will have the means to shut down, freeze, or erase data from units that get lost, stolen, or subjected to unauthorized use. 

Meanwhile, technical support can also manage and monitor tasks using remote access. Having all the necessary tools and support systems in the cloud makes technical assistance and troubleshooting faster and more efficient. 

Company managers 

Each Android TV device has the ability to collect important user data. Gathering enough information can help companies find out what works and what doesn’t with existing customers. Special access granted by the IT administrator allows management teams to collect the data and consolidate the findings into a comprehensive report. This allows them to make fact-based decisions and set future directions based on realities on the ground. 

Sales and marketing 

Sales and marketing teams can take advantage of remote access to push promotional announcements and advertisements to individual devices. Whether sending to selected devices or the entire fleet, marketers have their entire active customer base available to receive the company’s latest news and announcements. In addition, broadcast features can also send individualized messages to selected devices. This can be used to send communication regarding subscription concerns or verify eligibility for certain promotions. 

Benefits of an all-in-one Android TV device management solution

Using default solutions found in Android TV devices can severely underutilize your company’s system capabilities. Relying on legacy systems such as TR69 protocols will likely slow down and severely limit options when managing, maintaining, and securing connected devices. Instead, cloud-based Android TV device management solutions that offer complete remote access will get the job done better, faster, and more efficiently. This is especially true when handling thousands of fleet devices distributed all over the country. 

Specifically, the ideal software solution should carry the following features: 

Device management via remote access 

Remote access allows a convenient way to connect to selected or all devices for required software and firmware updates. A cloud-based device management software also lets administrators install new features, modules, and scripts instantly or during device downtimes. 

Low-level device management 

Monitoring device performance, determining location, and checking for terms of use compliance becomes easier with remote-based software. These activities can be set to work around the times when clients are using the device making sure that customers are not inconvenienced. 

Reduced Support Time 

With remote access, there is a reduced need for support calls or specialized customer service. Field visits to upgrade software are also unnecessary as all updates, rollbacks, and upgrades can be performed remotely. 

Assignable permission levels

IT Administrators can assign various access levels to different members of the organization. Some, like technical support teams and software engineers, can be granted access to the entire system in order to make improvements. Others, like managers, sales and marketing, and customer service teams, can get access to user data as well usage information. 

Secure devices remotely

Security measures are necessary for fleet devices in order to prevent damage or abuse. In many cases, devices are left behind when a subscriber decides to terminate the service contract. Others bring along the device when moving to a different location in the hope of sharing the device and the subscription. Security measures can include freezing, deactivating, or wiping data from Android TV devices if the service contract has expired and there is no intent to renew. Measures can also be implemented during reports of loss or theft, geolocation alerts that indicate a point outside the service area, or tampering alerts. 

Collect device usage data for analysis

Ideally, Android TV devices collect information on their usage. This is extremely valuable information for telco companies and other service providers, as it allows them to gain insight into customer habits and preferences. Remote access also allows administrators to collect the data and consolidate all information into a comprehensive report. Managers can refer to the data when making critical decisions. 


Fast time-to-market

Android TV device management software services won’t help much if they take too long to deploy. Imagine receiving a new software update when you’re still not finished updating all devices in the fleet. A fast time-to-market service ensures that all needed updates and installations can be done simultaneously across the entire fleet. This ensures all telco devices out in the field have the latest software installed. 

Managing Android TV devices requires investing in reliable device management software that unlocks the full capabilities of your system. It also helps you perform device maintenance tasks more easily and efficiently. The secret is finding the right software solution that goes above and beyond what default support software can do. 

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Nadav Avni

Nadav Avni is Chief Marketing Officer at Radix Technologies