The role sharing has in the apps we keep on our mobile phones.

As sharing became fundamental during the pandemic, file- sharing apps such as SHAREit, which has ‘sharing’ at the very heart of its culture, became integrated into mobile users’ routines when sharing files, videos and games. The team have consequently explored the phenomenon of sharing culture and how we commonly experience it – through our mobile phones.

The ‘grandfather’ of marketing Ernest Dichter, learned through extensive research that sharing is the communication of valuable messages that do two things – grow our relationships and help us define ourselves. Obviously, this is no more relevant than on social media platforms where sharing quite literally adds to a person’s ‘status.’ The content shared becomes valuable collateral as it releases happy hormones in a person and increases feelings of well-being and belonging. This is why we become addicted to seeking likes, shares and engagements.

But, the act of sharing has different significance depending on our needs in that moment of time. Sharing is present in all aspects of our lives, from banking, gaming and even dating. And due to digital and mobile technology, sharing is becoming ever more democratic.

Build Communities with Gaming

The gaming world is built on a sense of community as gamers across the globe are connected through the common interest in video games. This has been the case since the birth of the first ‘Magnavox’ gaming console in 1972.

Experts found that it is not only shared interests and love of the sport that keeps gamers hooked, but also a shared sense of achievement. Total immersion in an alternative reality is another shared experience that unites gamers. From Super Mario’ to the Legend of Zelda, using a character/avatar to live in these sensory and vibrant worlds creates the experience of freedom and exploration in a group. Fran C. Blumberg, PhD went as far as to say that: “Games are not ‘good’ or ‘bad,’ but are powerful educational tools and have many effects we might not have expected they could.”

Games are being shared at greater speeds than ever before! SHAREit has found that over 24 millions apps are being shared daily through its platform, and that gaming apps are frequently the most shared file over the course of a month. Escapism is perhaps another reason for the success of this, as players are immersed in a world different from their own. SHAREit is innovating in this area by allowing users to easily share all the ‘skin’ files needed to transfer games to friends and family.

Sharing The Love Online

Dating apps have increased in popularity in recent years due to their success rate in facilitating connections between people, that might not otherwise be achieved in person. In fact, 10.3% of UK adults use dating apps as a way of meeting potential partners. It almost goes without saying that when to ‘share’ and ‘how much to share’ about yourself are delicate decisions in the tender stages of a relationship.

The power of sharing your favorite videos, music or content you have created should not be underestimated due to the impact this has on personal relationships. This simple act allows another person insight into what makes us tick, and inspires us, often offering a special window into our cultural or family background.

Sharing those popular ‘couple photos’ online now represents a significant social milestone – a way of announcing the quality and feel of your relationship to family, friends and following, with control over how much details of the relationship are shared. How a couple fits into a wider community can feature in these.

Sharing in The World of Fintech

Concern for protecting our planet is growing, alongside the world of social enterprise, and specifically – fintech. It may seem as though banking is unable to have a role in this directive, yet the birth of ethical investing via ESGs and company green targets has put some banks and investment funds on the sustainable map.

The world of banking is becoming more community-minded as it
has more involvement in ESG targets. For example, the concept of sharing is a fundamental part of the evolution of ethical finance, with an increasing number of companies offering voting rights on how shareholders’ funds are invested, often in social causes such as animal rights or sustainability. The user-experience of mobile-banking allows individuals and groups to share currency instantly, while on the

move, and more frequently, with digital banks providing special ‘spaces’ for shared accounts. This unlocks users of online banking and fintech platform’s financial potential by giving them more control over their assets and how they control them.

Acts of mobile-friendly sharing amplify our sense of intimacy with friends, family or simply, our fellow man. Consumers rely on SHAREit as the airdrop of the Android ecosystem that enables and productizes users to expand the social habit of sharing, which plays such an important role in wellbeing and relationship building. Mobile app technology in life, work and play has the potential to help strengthen the quality, frequency, and nature of how we share while helping us discover the content we
most enjoy!

Arunabh Madhur

Regional VP & Head Business EMEA
at SHAREit Group.

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