The 4 cornerstones of Gamma’s Dealer Programme

Top Business Tech takes a closer look at the Gamma's Dealer Programme.
Top Business Tech takes a closer look at the Gamma’s Dealer Programme.

As we well know, the events of the last 18 months have spurred a need for organizations to digitally transform and become more agile to survive the turbulent environment exacerbated by the outbreak of Covid-19. As organizations achieve this, more value is placed on partnerships and obtaining the right support to execute strategies. Gamma, the UK’s number one provider of SIP trunks and a hosted telephony provider, has launched its Direct Partner Programme. The telecommunications service provider works to provide straightforward cloud communication and collaboration services to businesses. Under its new Dealer Programme, it will offer this via a flexible model to businesses. 

What is the Dealer Programme ? 

Gamma’s programme enables partners to add new products and services to sell to an organization’s customers with ease. Under the partnership, it supports an organization’s end customers, generating new revenue streams.

How does Gamma achieve this? 

Gamma collaborates with its channel partners to qualify, propose, deliver and support our market-leading products to ensure that its joint customers receive a service tailored to them. Partners can outsource the sales function to the Gamma team, offering lead generation through best practice sales management methodology. It also provides additional support to an organization’s sales team. Gamma emphasizes the flexibility of this model, which can be adapted to suit the needs of an organization.

What gives Gamma its competitive edge? 

Gamma is a leading provider of cloud telephony UCaaS services to businesses. With its unified communications, Cloud PBX and intelligent SIP trunking, Gamma is positioned to support businesses in a climate where communication requirements are increasingly complex. In addition to this, it also provides business-grade mobile and data access services, which it encloses within a secure network.

The value of Gamma’s Dealer Programme can be represented across four cornerstones:  

1. Voice

It is the UK’s market leader in both SIP and hosted voice. It owns and controls its national network, allowing for faster response times, quicker provision, and as a result, more rapid delivery.

2. Mobile

Gamma has full control over its mobile virtual network and therefore can set the services, tariffs and deals that suit an organization’s needs.

3. Connectivity

It places great emphasis on its national network’s availability, reliability, and quality, which underpins its products.


4. Customer Service

Gamma boasts a 98% customer retention rate, which is one of the highest in the industry. This success rate is attributed to the speedy resolution of issues that can take place over one phone call to its 24/7 UK support team.

Lastly, Gamma promises the following benefits to its partners:

  • Own the contract with the customer, providing emotional and financial security to an organization.
  • Take responsibility for full credit risk.
  • Provide full sales and marketing enablement from a dedicated team, saving organizations from needing to retrain staff.
  • Provide onsite training to help you spot new opportunities.
  • Access to the UK-based, end user support, 24/7/365
  • It will take responsibility for billing.
  • Provide fully managed installation and provisioning.

Dealer partners will receive:

  • A dedicated account manager and marketing manager.
  • Access to Gamma’s complete product set (no accreditation required).
  • Access to online pipeline management, fault reporting, availability checker and commission downloads via the HUB.
  • An online asset library that provides marketing collateral, sales support and lead generation advice.
  • A choice of upfront or recurring revenue streams.
  • Flexible options with or without partner commitment 

If your organization is interested in this service, you can read more about the programme here. 

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