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Bouncing back from a natural disaster with resilience

In the last decade, we’ve seen some of the most extreme weather events since records began, all driven by our human impact on the plant. Businesses are rapidly trying to implement new green policies to do their part, but climate change has also forced businesses to adapt and redefine their disaster recovery approach. Curtis Preston, Chief Technical Evangelist, Druva, explores the ways that organizations can protect data and prep a disaster recovery plan ahead of a natural disaster.

How innovation and altnets can come together to drive a gigabit-capable future

As the UK gears up for ultrafast broadband speeds to power forward a greater sense of connectedness, there is a growing section of the telecoms industry called altnets that can be key to ensuring the nation keeps on track towards its 2025 gigabit-capable targets.

But what are altnet providers and why is technology vital in helping them to continue to compete against the sector giants? Matt Harrison, chief strategy and innovation officer for Network Services Provider Flomatik, explores how they can play an important role in keeping Britain connected.

Personalization is the beating heart of successful hybrid cloud

In the post-millennial era of real world cloud deployment, the modern digitally distributed nature of businesses requires a range of infrastructure options to allow each customer to leverage a mix of cloud technologies to best suit their unique needs while optimizing the associated costs. How can we enable this kind of flexibility in the face of infrastructure complexity and still accommodate for a degree of legacy IT in the modern IT stack where operating models are still being reinvented and built for next-generation use cases? Rob Tribe, Vice President System Engineering EMEA, Nutanix explores the answer.

Balancing easier access and greater security of healthcare data

Security is a big topic for healthcare right now and has been for some years. Johan Sörmling, Managing Director at Encap Security and Head of Mobile Identity at Signicat, believes that healthcare has a great deal to learn from other markets—in particular fintech. He believes it’s important to think of app users, no matter the app, as consumers when considering how to attract and keep people using healthcare apps.

Cobots not robots: the future of sales

Tools are not replacing sales people – they are empowering them to take an intelligent, tailored approach to every single engagement, and, As Andy McDonald, CEO, Cloudapps, explains, combining the art and science of selling to reach a completely new level.

Smart tech for smart traveling

With the world getting back to some kind of new normal, many business leaders need to start their business travels again. With travel comes the need to work from cars, coffee shops, and anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection. While sometimes it might seem daunting to travel and work simultaneously, a few things can help ensure smart traveling to make the workers’ experience easier.

Blockchain in supply chains – is it the right solution?

Following rapid adoption of blockchain technology for supply chains in China, e-commerce companies, suppliers, and consumers worldwide have been jumping onboard. Is now the right time to join in? Johan Annell, Partner at management consultancy firm Asia Perspective, and James Godefroy, Senior Consultant at international IP firm Rouse, discuss.