Netskope and its DoubleDecker dazzled the Cloud & Cybersecurity Expo

netskope expo
Last week tbtech went to the “Cloud & Cybersecurity Expo”, part of the Tech Show organized by CloserStill. Find out what we learnt from the experts and businesses, as Netskope, who took part at the event below.

Take a look at our full video below.

We interviewed 19 of the most relevant companies: Netskope, Fujitsu, Acronis, D2IQ, Enlogic, Platform SH, Tencent Cloud, Dragos, App Gate, Total Data Centre Solutions, Incepteo, Canonical, Cloud Q, Microsoft, Vertiv, Ionos, Mitsubishi, Ionos, Dragos.

Netskope describes itself as the best-of-breed security product and made a bold statement that legacy systems simply won’t cut it for the cloud future. Enterprises that are planning their security future need to build fully integrated security services to support an effective cloud strategy. A recent study by Gartner recently identified that the product being used to build this security future is Security Service Edge (SSE).

The foundation of this solution includes cloud access security broker (CASB), secure web gateway (SWG), and zero-trust network access (ZTNA).

To achieve business value, integrated security services also need to provide:-Integrated data context, visibility, and instance awareness-Adaptive policy controls for users, devices, and applications-Complete threat and data protection with sensitive data awareness.

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An image of Netskope, Cloud, Netskope and its DoubleDecker dazzled the Cloud & Cybersecurity Expo


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