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Hacking Cyber Security’s battle for workers

Cyber attacks are increasing exponentially, cyber professionals are quitting, and ultimately, no one is replacing them. Worldwide, the cyber workforce shortfall is approximately 3.5 million people. We have a mountain to climb. While there are rising numbers of people with security degrees and qualifications, this falls way short of industry demand.

SMEs must prepare for the next cyber attack?

Ultimately, leave nothing to chance. Always expect an attack to happen, as cybercriminals are constantly looking for that open entryway. SMEs cannot afford to leave the door open. One negative experience can damage your customer relationships, reputation and overall business health. In this constant game of cat and mouse, we all need to be on our guard.

Cyber security talent shortage myths

A whopping 80% of organisations have suffered a breach that they could attribute to a lack of cybersecurity skills and/or awareness, per Fortinet research, so it’s safe to say businesses are well-aware of the importance of filling cybersecurity talent gaps. The cybersecurity skills shortage is an ongoing problem, but understanding and busting the myths around hiring and managing remote global talent is the key to the solution.

How Dragos is safeguarding our civilization.

In a world of rising cybersecurity threats, Dragos protects the most critical infrastructure – those that provide us with the tenets of modern civilization – from increasingly capable adversaries who wish to do it harm.