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The dangers of going it alone with cybersecurity

Mark Skelton, CTO and VP of CANCOM UK&I, argues that the current growth in the frequency and sophistication of cyberattacks has made the pressure on in-house IT teams untenable and that businesses should seriously evaluate their need for external support.

Ontologies in information security

Alexander Moiseev Chief Business Officer at Kaspersky outlines how ‘ontology’ (a formal process of categorising and drawing relationships in data) holds huge potential to accelerate cybersecurity.

Ethical phishing in the NHS

What proportion of NHS staff is susceptible to phishing attacks? A proactive group of English trusts asked Gemserv to help them find out how many of their employees would expose their system credentials to hackers. Andy Green, CISO of Gemserv, reveals all.

The pervasiveness of data and data-centric security strategy

In his latest article, ‘The Pervasiveness of Data and Data-Centric Security Strategy’, Adam Strange, Global Marketing Director at Titus, by HelpSystems, illustrates the pitfalls of information security architecture and explains how shifting to data-centric strategies will protect data at file-level throughout its entire life cycle.