5 of the most popular cloud security solutions available in the UK

We look at some of the most popular cloud security solutions available to companies in the UK. 
We look at some of the most popular cloud security solutions available to companies in the UK. 

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Cloud computing has become increasingly popular amongst companies around the world. Even though there have been some high-profile hacking cases, a company’s data is still safest in the cloud. Therefore, it has become increasingly important to implement a cloud security system to protect a company’s data over the last few years.  

Challenges in today’s climate 

Organizations need to consider various cloud security challenges and risks when implementing a cloud security system. One challenge is that the data environments have become more attractive for cybercriminals to implement their attacks. Another is that the traditional security tools are unequipped for implementing assurance strategies in a particularly adaptable and dynamic climate. The last challenge is that cloud clients frequently can not viably distinguish and evaluate their cloud resources or picture their cloud environments.

At a glance 

According to Kaspersky, cloud security is the whole bundle of technology, protocols, and best practices that protect cloud computing environments, applications running in the cloud, and data held in the cloud. Securing cloud services begins with understanding what is being secured, and the system aspects that must be managed. As an overview, backend development against security vulnerabilities is largely within the hands of cloud service providers. Aside from choosing a security-conscious provider, clients must focus mostly on proper service configuration and safe use habits. Additionally, clients should be sure that any end-user hardware and networks are properly secured.

There are various offerings out there for individuals and businesses. 

The top 5 cloud solutions in the UK 

1. Avande

First up, we have Avande. Avanade can help secure your cloud services and infrastructure so that you can protect your organization and build a resilient and scalable operation.

Avande can help implement secure remote workplace technologies across your environment through protection and monitoring for key assets, robust digital identity solutions and advanced cloud frameworks and services.

Avanade enables you to fully unlock the business benefits and advanced security capabilities of the Microsoft Cloud. Our services include:

  1. Security Advisory: Assess your cloud security posture, develop a clear shared responsibility model and drive adoption of the right technology for your needs.
  2. Azure Implementation: Leverage extensive build and implementation support, helping you deliver Azure baseline services with the right compliance, governance, and controls.
  3. Azure Sentinel – Monitoring of Cloud infrastructure with intelligent security analytics and threat intelligence.
  4. Identity and Access Management: Upgrade infrastructure to Azure Active Directory and improve your access controls with intelligence and automation.
  5. Azure Managed Services: Reimagine cloud security as a fully managed, consumption-based, as-a-service model, so you can optimize security and operations while freeing IT to focus on innovation.
2. IBM

Recently, IBM announced a new and enhanced service designed to help organizations manage their cloud security strategy, policies, and controls across hybrid cloud environments. The services bring together cloud-native, IBM and third-party technologies and IBM expertise to help organizations create a unified security approach across their cloud ecosystems.

IBM Security Services for Cloud offers an open, automated approach to help simplify hybrid cloud security, bringing together cloud-agnostic security expertise with an integrated set of cloud, proprietary and third-party technology solutions. The services can support clients in any stage of their cloud security journey, from advising organizations on how to move data, users and workloads to the cloud to providing continual risk monitoring and threat management of their existing hybrid cloud architecture.

The new and enhanced services include:

  • Cloud-Native Security Services: New advisory and managed security services that provide centralized visibility, management and monitoring of native security controls across all cloud environments. This will help reduce the risk of cloud misconfigurations while providing insights into potential risks and threats. IBM specialists can help design and implement security practices for cloud-native controls based on specific business and regulatory requirements and provide ongoing monitoring and reporting on how configurations are being optimized across the company.
  • Cloud Security Posture Management: New advisory and managed security services can help clients design and implement a cloud security posture management solution (CSPM) to address governance and compliance across cloud service providers. These new services can offer a single solution for compliance and governance policy framework design, CSPM system integration and managed services, providing actionable recommendations and automation to help address compliance-related issues, as well ongoing monitoring and remediation activities.
  • Container Security: Security services for clients’ container environments, from consulting and systems integration to threat management, vulnerability management and managed security services for the full container lifecycle. This newly enhanced service includes:
  • Cloud Security Strategy: Enhanced advisory services for hybrid, multi-cloud security assessment and strategy, based on industry frameworks such as CSA Cloud Controls Matrix (CCM). The services can now help organizations assess the security posture of cloud workloads and services, including recommendations to address risks. The services can deliver a customized strategy and security maturity roadmap tailored to specific client business and regulatory needs using proprietary techniques.
3. Kaspersky

Next up, we have Kaspersky’s Endpoint Security Cloud, which provides a single solution for your organization’s IT security needs. You can make sure your business is smoothly running while Kaspersky blocks ransomware, file-less malware, zero-day attacks and other emerging threats.

Kaspersky’s cloud-based approach means your users can work securely on any device, and collaborate safely online, at work or at home, from remote offices and in the field. And our cloud-based console means your security can be managed from anywhere, any time.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud promotes safe cloud adoption, with Shadow IT Discovery and protection for MS Office 365. Getting started is quick and easy, with no need to set up a server or configure security policies, and your users are protected from the instant they come online. As well as being more secure, you’ll find that with Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud, you spend less time managing your IT security so that you can stay focused on high priority business tasks.

4. CrowdStrike

The fourth company we look at is CrowdStrike which has proven that it is possible to have endpoint protection using a single lightweight agent with no impact on user performance. 

With the revolutionary cloud-native CrowdStrike Falcon security platform, it is possible to: 

  • Prevent commodity and sophisticated attacks, whether they use malware or not, regardless of whether your endpoints are online or offline.
  • Gain real-time endpoint visibility and insight into applications and processes running anywhere in your environment, ensuring that nothing is missed and everything that requires a response receives one.
  • Proactively hunt down advanced threat activity faster and more effectively than ever before.
  • Protect all workloads, from mobile devices to traditional endpoints running Windows, macOS and Linux, and cloud workloads, servers and containers in modern hybrid multi-cloud data centres.
  • Eliminate the bloat and massive performance impact that comes with legacy antivirus solutions, replacing it all with a single lightweight agent built for speed.
5. VMWare

The final company we looked at was, VMware’s Cloud Web Security. VMware’s Cloud Web Security is a component of VMware SASE, which ensures users and infrastructure are protected against threats when they access applications on the internet. The VMware Cloud Web Security service also enables IT teams to gain visibility and control when users access internet applications. Some of the benefits for customers include:

  • Rich User Experience, Higher Productivity: Single hop security enforcement on optimal traffic path
  • Local Presence: Global network of SASE PoPs with faster service activation at cloud scale
  • Single Management Pane: Centralized portal for security and network policy with visibility and control
  • Pervasive Security for Anywhere Workforce: Consistent policy for a distributed anywhere workforce across all user profiles

In closing, when it comes to shielding your business from digital threats, you need legitimate virus protection for every one of your devices. There’s a huge range of antivirus products available, and it tends to be overwhelming to attempt to choose the best protection. However, the most basic thing to concentrate on is cloud antivirus protection, which guarantees that you stay shielded from digital threats.

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