Top items to introduce into your hybrid workplace

With companies opening again and employees moving into the new hybrid work arena, it is important to start converting your office into a smart office.
With companies opening again and employees moving into the new hybrid work arena, it is important to start converting your office into a smart office.

Most companies have reduced the size of their office space and have brought in a system for employees to book desks when they come in. This may seem like a fantastic idea; however, when your employees don’t have a dedicated desk, a few items need to change along with this.

If you or your team are used to working with a separate monitor to view various pages simultaneously, not having a dedicated desk can be quite difficult. Monitors are not the easiest thing to keep moving around as they can get quite heavy depending on their size. However, there is a solution to this problem. Mobile Pixels has created a portable monitor for laptops of various sizes. It simply magnetizes to the back of a laptop, the user just has to connect a single USB cable, slide out the screen, and the Deux Pro is on. It is as simple as that. There are various options, such as having one or two additional screens, and a stand can be included. By providing your employees with this product, you can help them make the hybrid workplace easier and simpler.

Standing desks have become more popular over the years, but again not easy for employees who don’t have a set desk. To provide your employees with a easy standing desk option to move around, you can consider the MOFT Z Invisible Thin Sit-Stand Desk. With the dimensions of only 9.4*11*0.15in, it can be easily stored in a bookshelf without being noticed or placed in a bag before heading out. In addition, the desk offers a natural height of 10in to raise laptops, allowing employees to work with their palms resting on the laptop and the screen at eye level. By providing your employees with the opportunity to have this sit-stand desk, you can help them with various health issues (weight gain, heart disease, and reduced back pain) and improve their mood and energy levels.

With employees moving between the office and home, there is always the possibility of their laptops getting damaged or for important files getting lost. The Samsung T7 Touch Portable SSD gives your employees a fast and secure way to store their files. The Samsung T7 Touch Portable SSD comes in a palm-sized package, making it an easy accessory to move around to the office and home. In addition, to keep their files safe, the SSD comes with fingerprint and password security.

With employees staggering when they come into the office, companies need to provide them with communication tools to keep in-office and home-based employees connected.

The Lenovo ThinkSmart View for Microsoft Teams works across a variety of office spaces—including employees’ homes. It’s flexible enough for hot-desking and common-area phone capabilities, including phone booths and other shared spaces. This all-in-one, the dedicated device provides hands-free access to calendars, files, video conferences, and more. For team members in the office, they can use one Lenovo Think Smart View for meetings with colleagues without impacting the work in progress on their PC’s. In addition, employees will unlock richer content-centric meetings with the Microsoft Teams IP Phone app and enjoy clear audio in private settings with powerful built-in mics and speakers.

Another option to make meetings more enjoyable for all is the Meeting Owl Pro captures 360°. The Meeting Owl provides 360°video while automatically focusing on whoever is speaking to foster active collaboration and increased participation with audio up to 5.5m. Having one of these in each of your boardrooms allows your employees to enjoy a fast and easy meeting setup. All they need to do is plug in the power and USB, launch the company preferred video conferencing platform, and start their meeting. Anyone in your organization can control the Meeting Owl Pro during the meeting via the iOS or Android Meeting Owl mobile app.

With Covid-19 still being a real issue worldwide, sometimes team members cannot attend a meeting. This could be for various reasons such as personally having Covid, looking after a family member with Covid, home school issues, etc. If each team has one TDW 16GB Mini Voice Activated Recorder, they can ensure that their other team members have access to the information. With 16GB of internal memory, the voice recorder can continuously record 50 hours after 1.5 hours fully charged. It has 176 hours of recording storage capacity and holds up to 999 recording files. Thanks to the voice activation sensor integrated with the recorder, it will automatically start a recording only after detecting a sound to avoid unnecessarily taking up space. It is equipped with a sensitive capacitive microphone that offers a high-quality recording, much better than any other conventional recorder. This voice recorder is simple to use and suitable for beginners and technologically challenged employees.

While employees are coming back to the office, there is also a need to decrease the number of visitors that come into your building and improve the air quality within each office space.

With delivery men decreasing their access to people’s properties and businesses, having a video doorbell can help keep your employees and the delivery man safe. They need to press the Ring Video Doorbell and inform the receptionist that there is a package. The receptionist can then view when the delivery man is far enough away to ensure a safe collection. This doorbell allows your receptionist to see, hear, and speak to anyone from their phone, tablet, or PC. This will help in decreasing visitors as well as improving the security of your office space.

Do your teams have small office areas with little ventilation? If so, it is essential to provide your employees with an Instant Air Purifier AP200. The Instant Air Purifier works to remove 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and allergens from your office environment. It is designed to work silently in the background while intelligent sensors monitor air quality and automatically adjust the fan speed to work 24/7.

The Medify MA-112 Air Purifier can clean up to 342 sq m in one hour for slightly larger office spaces. The Medify MA-122 Air Purifier removes 99.9% of harmful particles, including allergens, odors, VOCs, smoke, pollen, pet dander, dust, smog, contaminants, and more down to 0.1 microns in size. In addition, employees can choose between 4 fan speeds, with the lowest setting operating virtually silent.


Don’t wait until your employees are back in the office; start implementing some of the above as soon as possible to ensure your hybrid workplace is successful.

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