Telefónica and TikTok enter into partnership

An image of TikTok, Leadership, Telefónica and TikTok enter into partnership

The agreement will allow Telefónica markets in Europe and Latin America to develop local co-marketing and strategic partnerships activities.

Telefónica, one of the world’s largest providers of telecommunications services, has announced that it has entered into a partnership with TikTok, the leading destination for short-form mobile video. The partnership will create innovative new ways for the TikTok community to enjoy their favourite TikTok videos across Telefónica services. The partnership will include a series of local activations in Telefónica’s key markets across Europe and Latin America focusing on three key areas: marketing campaigns; service distribution and technological efficiencies; and the development of new services and revenue opportunities. 

Today, the two companies are announcing the launch of TikTok Extra on the Movistar+ Living Apps, integrated into Telefónica’s TV platform in Spain. The partnership will offer a new digital experience to Movistar Fusion customers in more than one million homes in Spain.

The Living Apps are TV apps specifically developed for a differential home-viewing experience. TikTok Extra is available in the Living Apps section of the Movistar+ main menu and brings the most relevant TikTok content to Movistar customer’s living room. Homes that are also equipped with the Movistar Home smart device or the Movistar+ Voice Remote Control will have the extra advantage of interacting with the application through voice controls from Aura, Movistar’s AI powered virtual assistant.

“The partnership with TikTok will allow both companies to combine marketing assets to develop incredible opportunities to offer to the customers”, stated Fabio Bruggioni, Global Consumer Director in Telefónica, who recalled that “It’s a great opportunity to reach Millenials and Generation Z by offering them a great service ensuring the best experience in their devices. Thanks to this new partnership, Telefónica customers will be able to share their passion, creativity and milestones in their lives through TikTok, and engage with the content on the platform with greater ease and convenience than ever before”.

“We’re excited to build on our longstanding relationship with Telefónica across Europe and Latin America to bring this unique and differentiated experience to the TikTok community. TikTok Extra on Spain’s Movistar+ Living App platform is specifically created for a home-viewing experience, so people can be entertained, together” said Isaac Bess, Global Head of Distribution Partnerships, TikTok.


Telefónica’s operating businesses and TikTok have already begun to work together in different markets. For instance, O2UK, Telefónica successfully launched the #02Bubldance campaign in the UK with more than 2.6 billion views. In Brazil, Vivo is also promoting special packages to their customers while launching several hashtag challenges to generate engagement.The two companies are exploring new initiatives in different Telefónica markets to further expand this strategic collaboration.

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An image of TikTok, Leadership, Telefónica and TikTok enter into partnership

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