Announcing TBT’s first live webinar, Cybersecurity: Fighting back with AI

Top Business Tech is thrilled to be launching its first webinar, which looks at cybersecurity, and the role AI plays in protecting organisations.
Top Business Tech is thrilled to be launching its first webinar, which looks at cybersecurity, and the role AI plays in protecting organisations.

Top Business Tech is thrilled to introduce its first webinar, Cybersecurity: Fighting Back with AI. After a challenging 18 months for IT teams globally, we take the time to discuss the role that artificial intelligence plays in developing cybersecurity strategies. The event will take place on Tue, 24 August 2021, from 10:00 – 11:00 BST.

Points of discussion

The state of cybercrime in 2021

As IT leaders know all too well from the last year, cybersecurity threats have continued to climb at an exponential rate. In addition to this, the nature of the threats has changed. According to Proofpoint’s report, email has become one of the top cybersecurity threats in 2021. This shift has been attributed to the cybersecurity risks posed by remote work, and cloud migrations that organisations carried out in a hurried manner. Our key speaker takes shares more. 

The role of remote and hybrid work

The coronavirus outbreak has changed how office workers operate forever as organisations had to adopt remote work to stabilise the business against demands. While remote work has been a welcome advancement for many employees, remote and hybrid work has presented a new set of challenges. Following the coronavirus outbreak, many IT leaders have had to contend with a dispersed workforce and implement hybrid work to protect the organisation while dealing with the general threats that evolve every year. 

The benefits of AI in cybersecurity

We hear from Jake Moore, Cyber Security Specialist, ESET, on AI’s role in developing cybersecurity and how best organisations can implement it into their strategy.

The risks of AI in cybersecurity

Our panel of experts will examine how AI is weaponised against organisations, including how a company’s own AI is used against itself and mitigate against this, all while protecting a hybrid and remote workforce.

Overcoming the challenges of AI in cybersecurity

Although AI, ML and, DL continue to empower cyberattackers, we hear from several IT leaders who harness AI to mitigate against these threats head-on. 

Planning for the future 

As employees and organisations find a regular rhythm in a post-pandemic society, our key speaker reviews the technology trends that have surged to prominence in the last 18 months. He shares his opinions on their place in the future and which technologies will be left firmly in the past. 

Our key speaker

Jake Moore, Cyber Security Specialist, ESET

Jake Moore is a Cyber Security Specialist for ESET, offering unbiased cybersecurity support and advice to organisations. He previously worked for Dorset Police, spanning 14 years primarily investigating computer crime in the Digital Forensics Unit on a range of offences from fraud to murder. Within law enforcement powers, he learnt how to retrieve digital evidence from all devices whilst engaging in a variety of ways to ethically break security in order to help protect innocent victims of cybercrime. He then became a cybersecurity consultant for the police delivering tailored advice to the public and local businesses in order to help protect the community and build upon their security foundations.

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We welcome all technology leaders and enthusiasts to the event, where we will host an open Q&A. We hope to see you on Tue, 24 August 2021, from 10:00 – 11:00 BST!

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