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The Cloud – Debunking the Myth

Mid-sized businesses are head down, wrestling with constantly evolving operational challenges, from skills shortages to supply chain delays and raging inflation. Management teams lack the time and often confidence to explore technology innovation and, as a result, too many companies are missing vital opportunities to cut costs, boost efficiency and reach new customers.

NLP bias and its impact on AI

Natural Language Processing refers to the use of computers for information processing in the form of natural language text, as written or spoken by humans. It is highly effective at a whole range of tasks and can be transformative in any organisation. Yet the issue of bias in Natural Language Processing will not go away and, if not addressed, could affect the deployment of AI.

How can businesses use Natural Language Processing, and what can be done to eliminate any bias? Thomas Diggelmann, Machine Learning Engineer at augmented intelligence firm Squirro, explains more.

The rise of no-code – what it is and why it’s the future of AI

In the past, building software
applications required months
and years of training to learn
programming languages and
frameworks. A typical software
development journey would
require excessive computing
power, endless trial and error,
and a niche, highly skilled
workforce – just to arrive
at a successful outcome.
But thanks to the rise of
no-code software, things have
changed dramatically – and
soon all the technically difficult
software development and
endless hard toll – will come
to an end.

Zoom Acquiring Solvvy for Contact Center Expansion

Zoom has announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Solvvy, a leading conversational AI and automation platform for customer support, to offer elevated customer service experiences to a global enterprise base and work quickly to capitalize on new opportunities in contact center and customer support.

The Future For MTC’s Digital Manufacturing Accelerator

Liferay has been chosen as a core digital infrastructure component in the factory of the future at the Digital Manufacturing Accelerator (DMA). The initiative, by the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC), lets manufacturers experience the advantages of industry 4.0, IoT, smart manufacturing, robotics and more.

Accelerating Digital Transformation

“Digital transformation efforts have experienced a marked acceleration over the past two years, and we see no indications of a slowdown,” said Kara Sprague, EVP, and GM, App Delivery, F5.

Jellysmack And Best-In-Class Tech

Global creator company Jellysmack demonstrates its commitment to international expansion and best-in-class tech with the hiring of seasoned executive Thierry Bedos as Chief Technology Officer. Bedos brings over 25 years of experience and deep knowledge of growing multi-billion dollar tech businesses.

AI and the Human Touch

Martin Rehak, CEO of Resistant AI, explains why combining AI and the human touch is the only way to successfully fight financial crime.