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Unlocking the potential of digital manufacturing

The digital revolution has disrupted nearly every industry, and manufacturing is no exception. With advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT), the manufacturing sector is undergoing a transformative shift, unlocking new possibilities, and redefining traditional processes. Before we dive deep into the topic it’s important to understand what digital manufacturing is. Digital manufacturing refers to the integration of digital technologies into the manufacturing process, encompassing everything from design and prototyping to production and distribution. AI and IoT play a crucial role in this transformation by providing manufacturers with valuable insights, automation capabilities, and real time data.

Dark Fibre’s Role in Supercharging Edge Data Centers

In response to Proximity Data Centre’s e-book, Glide’s CTO, Sean Lowry explores the impact of low latency on gaming, the Metaverse, and AI. He explains how dark fibre and Glide’s “Fibre Cities” are primed to support the evolving needs of edge data centres and seamless connectivity.

The race to dominate the AI space

The launch of Chat GPT-4 in March of this year provided the catalyst for a conversation that has been gaining momentum for some time now: How will artificial intelligence (AI) change the world?

How retailers can embrace AI to build loyalty

A key retail tech approach for 2023 is clienteling, which uses AI to offer customers the best of both worlds – the human touch coupled with the most personalised digital experiences. It means the establishment of long-term relationships with shoppers by using customer data that provides real-time insight into their preferences, behaviours, and purchases. This strengthens the bond between retailer and shopper, enhances the customer experience, and encourages them to return to the store.

Keeping AI cost effective in the move to cloud

Can Artificial Intelligence Deliver Real Value Today?

AI is in its infancy, but the early shoots of growth hold great promise for the industry. According to the Boston Consulting Group, although 59% of organisations have developed an AI strategy, and 57% have carried out pilot projects in the area, only 11% have seen any kind of return from AI. That said, the potential is vast; some sources estimate that the size of the global AI market could increase tenfold from $15bn (2021) to $150bn by 2028, and in the UK, expenditure on AI technologies could reach £83bn by 2040, from £16.7bn in 2020.

Whatever the application, most AI projects usually start as small, experimental tests hosted on a server in-house, and eventually graduate to cloud environments, where their uptime, security, scalability and maintenance can be assured. However, this migration is often the most difficult and painful.

Rise of the machines.

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