AI Business Trends for 2020

Data, democracy and digital exploration: bring your business into the future with our AI Business Trends white paper.

AI Business Trends, AI, AI Business Trends for 2020

Innovation never stands still. As our businesses grow and the world evolves, so do we as human beings; finding smarter, quicker ways to complete tasks and become more efficient.

In this White Paper:

  • Augmentation & Automation
  • Democratising Data Science
  • Rise of Autonomous Vehicles
  • Touchless Tech
  • Quantum Computing

The advent of computer science has accelerated technology. However now, technology is advancing itself: innovation is inventing. Artificial intelligence is no longer a concept of the future, it’s the technology of the present.

AI is categorised as the simulation of human intelligence through learning, processing, perception or reasoning. Machine learning algorithms, for example, analyse datasets and apply independent decisions or predictions based on the statistics at their disposal. Artificial neural networks look and think like biological brains. Natural language processors compute information in the same way that people do. Artificial intelligence is still in its infancy of what it could potentially be capable of, however, this human-like aptitude is already offering ample opportunity to the world.

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