Meet Vertiv, a critical infrastructure organization

Early in March, tbtech went to the “Cloud & Cybersecurity Expo”, part of the Tech Show organized by CloserStill. Find out what we learned from the experts and businesses, such as Vertiv, who took part in the event below.

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Vertiv Holdings Co is an American, Ohio-based, provider of equipment and services for data centers.

Vertiv’s principal clients are companies in three major end markets: data centers, communication networks, and commercial and industrial settings. Its main services are as follows:

AC and DC power control, thermal management, and integrated modular solutions are examples of critical infrastructure and solutions.

Racks, rack power, rack power distribution, rack thermal systems, configurable integrated solutions, and hardware for controlling I.T. equipment are all part of Integrated Rack Solutions.

Preventative maintenance, acceptance testing, engineering and consulting, performance evaluations, remote monitoring, training, replacement parts, and essential digital infrastructure software are examples of services.

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