Rivery Raises $30M B Round

Rivery Raises $30M B Round of Venture Funding from Tiger Global

With data needs growing and data talent scarcity, there is huge demand for Rivery’s 100% SaaS solution to create an efficient scalable data stack.

Rivery, the SaaS ELT today announced a new funding round of venture capital led by Tiger Global alongside existing investors State Of Mind Ventures and Entrée Capital. This financing follows from last year’s A round, bringing the total venture capital raised to date to $48 million. Rivery’s product-led growth has significantly accelerated since the launch of the Pay As You Go program in December 2021, which is growing at a rate of 50% month over month. This new pricing model complements the existing Self-Service experience plan, which opens the door to any type of company that would like to immediately get started with Rivery.

Rivery provides a single end-to-end ELT solution which covers key processes to create the optimal data stack: Ingestion, Transformation, Orchestration and Reverse ETL. Teams can choose from the different modules to build their ideal data infrastructure. Before Rivery, companies had to rely on legacy ETL platforms that were not built for cloud, and lacked the flexibility to scale. By streamlining and unifying how data stacks are built, maintained and automated, Rivery helps companies to unlock data value with a complete SaaS solution suitable for companies that need to scale fast. Besides helping data teams remain lean and agile to grow, it avoids the costly and complex issues that come with managing fragmented data stacks that rely on multiple disjointed tools.

Used by over 300 customers globally, Rivery’s approach to data management is a generational technology leap that incorporates automation and actionable logic into the traditional data ETL/ELT (extract, transform, and load) processes. Some of the world’s fastest-growing cloud-native companies including EMAAR, Bayer, Webedia, BuzzFeed, Papaya Global, American Cancer Society, NEXT, and WalkMe use Rivery as the core engine to power their data stack.

The new funds will help expedite the growth of the company across all teams in New York and Tel Aviv HQ including R&D, Product, and Sales, as well as expanding on EMEA where a London office has been launched to focus on the regional market. In addition, Thibaut Ceyrolle, who founded Snowflake EMEA Division, has joined Rivery’s Board of Executives to lead and define the company’s growth strategy across EMEA.

Itamar Ben Hemo, CEO of Rivery said: “Companies have to scale faster than ever before, which means data teams need to achieve more with less. By offering a fully SaaS end-to-end solution as the core to their data stack, Rivery plays a pivotal role to provide unlimited scalability. This funding is a great milestone that will help us grow our global presence, making Rivery a de-facto tool that empowers businesses to unlock the unlimited power of their data.”

About Rivery:

Rivery provides a complete SaaS ELT for organisations that need to scale fast with data, with a solution to build, maintain and automate a modern data stack. Rivery’s capacity to orchestrate and unlock data value is built on its ability to democratise the task across business and data teams, making data expertise a company-wide passion, and ultimately driving successful data strategies. The world’s leading companies, including Bayer, BuzzFeed, and American Cancer Society trust Rivery with their data. Learn more about Rivery at https://rivery.io/

In addition to the press release, Rivery has been making strategic moves within the industry. As one example, here are further details on their work with Google Cloud:

We are excited to announce today that Rivery successfully achieved Google Cloud Ready – BigQuery, a designation geared to help our mutual customers use our complimentary platforms with full confidence.

Achieving this designation means our products have met a core set of functional and interoperability requirements when integrating with BigQuery. This enables customers to discover and have full confidence that Rivery products they use today work well with BigQuery or save time on evaluating them.

In addition, being part of the program, Rivery will cement its partnership with Google Cloud as a partner, getting more opportunities to collaborate closely with Google Cloud engineering and BigQuery teams to develop joint initiatives and align our product roadmaps.

Google Cloud Ready – BigQuery is a partner integration validation program that was created to increase customer confidence in partner integrations into BigQuery. As part of this initiative, Google engineering teams validate partner integrations into BigQuery in a three phase process. Firstly, Google runs a series of data integration tests and compares results against benchmarks. Secondly, it works closely with partners to fill any gaps. Thirdly, documentation is refined for our mutual customers.

Google Cloud has been a key partner for Rivery and our relationship has flourished over the past years, to deliver improve joined value to our mutual customers. Since 2020, Google Cloud customers can directly access Rivery via Google Cloud Marketplace, making it incredibly simple to connect both platforms and get started right away.

In addition, with the 2021 launch of Rivery Kits, Google Cloud users have access to pre-engineered data workflows for popular use cases such as Marketing Analytics, Social Media Analytics and Google Analytics. All these initiatives help data teams create their perfect data stack without wasting time or resources trying to access and align data from numerous sources.

In the words of Manvinder Singh, Director, Partnerships at Google Cloud: “Businesses are increasingly bringing partner platforms like Rivery together with BigQuery to form their data stacks, and we’re delighted to partner with Rivery to make it very easy for these customers to bring data into BigQuery for analysis and to inform decision-making.”

You can read the full official announcement here.

Rivery Dataversity

Rivery provides a complete SaaS ELT for organisations that need to scale fast with data, with a solution to build, maintain and automate a modern data stack.

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