Microsoft and Lemongrass: the partnership that keeps growing!


We look at the announcement that Lemongrass has agreed to a multi-year strategic partnership with Microsoft.

Lemongrass and Microsoft have made a partnership, agreeing to jointly innovate and market SAP offerings to help Businesses modernize their SAP environment on Microsoft’s cloud computing platforms. This collaboration aims to maximize the value of customers’ SAP investments while providing new opportunities for innovation. Microsoft will work with Lemongrass as a distinctive innovation partner, which allows Lemongrass to collaborate with design and engineering initiatives for SAP customers on the Microsoft Cloud.

There was already a previous relationship between the companies as Lemongrass announced receiving the Microsoft Gold Competency Status. An award that is not easy to attain as it requires companies to pass multiple tests and checks.

To earn a Microsoft gold competency, partners must successfully complete exams to prove their level of technology expertise and then designate these certified professionals uniquely to one Microsoft competency, ensuring a certain level of staffing capacity. They also must submit customer references that demonstrate successful projects, meet a performance commitment, and pass technology and sales assessments. Meaning those that acquire this certification have proven themselves thoroughly in their given area.

Following this, recently Lemongrass announced it had required a technology consulting firm specializing in the migration and management of SAP on Microsoft Cloud called Wharfdale Technologies. They showed their dedication to continue growing and developing their Azure availability as a clear part of their strategy to align with Microsoft.

This new announcement of a multi-year contract will grow its partnership, further assisting Microsoft users with their SAP systems. When asked about the new collaboration Joao Couto, Commercial Partner Lead at Microsoft, commented, “We are delighted to have Lemongrass as a Strategic Partner. Our shared goal is to simplify the process of running SAP systems for customers, from migration through long-term support.”

Lemongrass, through this agreement, will scale its Cloud Platform to be fully integrated with Microsoft Cloud globally, providing SAP customers the opportunity to benefit from the combined power of Microsoft’s flexible computing platform and Lemongrass’s services and automation. Couto states that “having gotten to know Lemongrass well through the partnership development process, we are confident they are the right choice to invest in and work with to grow our SAP on Microsoft business.”

Lemongrass has an impressive track record in the planning, migration, operation, and automation of SAP in the hyperscale cloud. The company has an impressive 300,000 SAP users under its management on nearly 6,000 SAP servers. Consistently demonstrating the ability to help customers extract value by moving and running their SAP systems in the cloud, the majority of this being on the Microsoft Cloud.

Mike Rosenbloom, CEO of Lemongrass, gave the statement, “We are very excited about our Strategic Partnership with Microsoft and collaborating with their engineering and sales teams,” he continues “Lemongrass and Microsoft have a common vision to drive a superior SAP operating experience and enable the highest level of agility and innovation in a secure, trusted cloud environment.”

Generally, expanding partnerships in cloud-based technology and communications are the wisest business decision any company can make presently, as the remote working environment shows no sign of disappearing in the future. This partnership has the potential to improve Microsoft’s strong standing as a Global Tech leader, unlike some other companies that have allowed themselves to fall behind in the development sector.

We will be seeing more announcements similar to this as both the MWC Barcelona 2022 event and the Cloud Expo Europe event take place. Both of which will be featured in our monthly magazine found here.

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