Lloyds Banking Group works with ServiceNow’s NextGen to find top talent

ServiceNow (NYSE: NOW), the leading digital workflow company that makes the world work better for everyone, today announced that it is working with Lloyds Banking Group as part of its NextGen Professionals Program. Three participants who have recently completed the program have accepted job offers from Lloyds Banking Group.

NextGen addresses the talent shortages currently faced by companies and helps participants carve a path towards long-term employment from communities that are typically excluded from the workforce. Supported by customers and partner companies like Lloyds Banking Group, the initiative generates employment opportunities for the digital workforce of today and tomorrow. Another partner includes the Refugee Council, an organisation working with refugees and asylum seekers to provide support and advice and help refugees navigate the barriers of entering the UK labour market.

The participants come through to the program via a number of partner initiatives. One is the Skills Bootcamp, running in partnership with The Department for Education and New College of Humanities, a member of Northeastern University’s Global Network.

NextGen has been designed to focus on assisting candidates that have been traditionally marginalised by the technology industry. By its end, candidates are certified with a suite of new digital skills that can help them land a new role in the digital economy.

“At Lloyds Banking Group, we have been championing our employees while seeking to address the digital skills gap in the UK,” said Gareth Dickey, Senior Engineering Manager at Lloyds Banking Group. “Working with ServiceNow, we can achieve both. We are taking on a range of talented candidates, and offering assistance to help their growth and development, now and in the years to come.”

“The kind of talent we have seen so far has been incredible,” added Laurent Briant, Director of Global Government Programs at ServiceNow. “The team has guided the talented people who want to make a change in their lives, and mentored them throughout the learning process. Tech companies have a key role to play in equipping people from all walks of life with the digital skills so desperately needed across all industries. NextGen will continue to give candidates the stepping stone they need to flourish in their professional lives.”

NextGen will continue to run courses to train and place professionals in employment throughout 2022.

Testimonials from participants

NextGen is already driving positive results for its participants. A number of people who have benefitted from the program’s initiatives, including the Skills Bootcamp, have shared their experiences:

Sarah Christie

“I worked as a teacher based in Edinburgh and underwent the Skills Bootcamp before starting my placement at Lloyds Banking Group as a ServiceNow developer. The course was in-depth and engaging, and the team really helped me on my learning journey as I balanced between being a teacher and learning new skills.

“All of this was brought together with a nurturing team that gave careers advice and guidance, alongside a mentor that steered me through the twelve weeks of training. Then, Lloyds Banking Group drew me in. Our discussions really clicked for me, and it was clear that they had a supportive environment that will help to support my growth.”

David Yerimah

“It’s difficult to change career at any age, but the older you are, the harder it becomes. I saw the Skills Bootcamp, and felt it was exactly what I was looking for – an opportunity to learn and further develop my analytical skills having no prior technical background. As well as covering modules like data science and security in a practical, interactive way, the program also gave me the opportunity to look beyond what we were learning, which helped culminate in my new role at Lloyds Banking Group. I watched a video highlighting the bank’s strategy over the next few years, and knew I needed to become part of the team to help deliver it.

“NextGen has given me the opportunity to get back into professional work that has a good career path, and now I have a whole new career ahead of me. To anyone considering applying, I’d say go for it – you have nothing to lose, but a lot to gain.”


“With help from the Refugee Council, I was referred to the program to help develop my skills, having previously been a web developer for a few years. During the program, I found that there was a lot of scope to develop and grow my professional skills, as they introduced a range of courses that helped me learn. The course was well-defined, and the mentoring team provided plenty of assistance during my development.

“Following the NextGen training, I went with Lloyds Banking Group partially because of their positive culture. The company offered a lot of growth potential, and their team really cares about championing employees internally. The team offered a role that felt right for me, and it fits with my own goals for my development.

“My key learning from the process, for others who may be considering tracing my steps, is to keep an eye on the goal and focus on the destination.”

*Name changed to protect identity.

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