Kaspersky partners with DataGroupIT to strengthen West Africa presence

, News, Kaspersky partners with DataGroupIT to strengthen West Africa presence

Kaspersky has announced a new partnership with DataGroupIT to drive cybersecurity services in West Africa.

Today, Kaspersky shared that it is further strengthening its presence in West Africa by forging a new partnership with DataGroupIT, a distributor that will provide the cybersecurity provider with access to markets in Nigeria and Ghana. 

Who is DataGroupIT? 

DataGroupIT currently has over 1000 clients across 15 sub-Saharan African countries, with its professional teams delivering on sales, pre-sale, logistic, marketing, and financial support. Lehan van den Heever, Enterprise Cyber Security Advisor for Kaspersky in Africa, emphasises the value of the partnership: “DataGroupIT is a well-known distributor in Africa with a clear value-add when it comes to generating focused business growth, especially in the enterprise segment. It also has the capacity to support the Kaspersky business logistically and provide valuable technical expertise on Kaspersky solutions.” 


Strategic Expansion

“West Africa is becoming a major focus for Kaspersky,” says van den Heever, “The agreement with DataGroupIT will see Kaspersky gain access to new verticals in this region while helping new and existing customers build their cybersecurity strategy. It also puts Kaspersky in a position to work with major regulators to elevate the digital protection threshold across the region.” 

Amir Shtarkman, VP Business Development at DataGroupIT, says; “Our partnership with Kaspersky is an excellent fit for our growing product portfolio and our ‘6 pillar model’. Kaspersky is an experienced vendor and a leader on their product portfolio. Their offerings will enable our customers across the region to realise the benefits of cybersecurity and, in particular, endpoint protection and cyber intelligence. DataGroupIT has a wealth of experience in the cybersecurity market in Africa, and we are looking forward to growing the Kaspersky business with this partnership.”

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