Inventory Hive and The Depositary announce direct integration to dramatically reduce reporting and end of tenancy admin.

An image of , News, Inventory Hive and The Depositary announce direct integration to dramatically reduce reporting and end of tenancy admin.

Paperless property reporting platform links up with ground-breaking paperless end of tenancy solution. Giving letting agents, more time, less costs and more control.

Inventory Hive and The Depositary today unveiled their joint integration, which further enhances their partnerships with TDS. This new initiative will align market leading paperless reporting software with an unrivalled end of tenancy experience to drastically cut letting agent admin time, whilst better protecting tenants and landlords. 

“Since launching just over four years ago we’ve been on a mission to make unnecessary disputes a thing of the past, whilst also pushing the boundaries of innovative features that make inventory reporting transparent and far more efficient,” says Richard Abbots, CEO at Inventory Hive.

“This integration will allow check-out descriptions and photos captured via our App to be passed through to The Depositary effortlessly. This solves the age-old admin headache of re-typing and double entry.”

“There are few things more thankless than the tenancy conclusion process. We built The Depositary to save agents time and stress whilst delivering a first class experience for their Tenants & Landlords. Our integration with Inventory Hive is another leap forward in this regard- streamlining the process even further and removing the need for duplicated data entry and the risk of human error.

This underlines our commitment to deliver a market-leading solution through powerful integrated partnerships. We estimate this integration will save an agent 15-20 minutes per tenancy on top of the two-hours work we already save them.” says Kristjan Byfield of The Depositary.

The benefits of this integration include:

  • Check-out descriptions and photos for items requiring deposit deductions automatically uploaded from Inventory Hive to The Depositary.
  • Check-out report files transferred automatically from Inventory Hive to The Depositary – allowing tenants and landlords to review the information effortlessly.
  • Check-out meter reading data and photos transferred automatically from Inventory Hive to The Depositary.
  • Items requiring deductions automatically referenced from Inventory Hive to The Depositary for clear communication.

“We’re delighted to see two of our key partners linking up in this way.  We know that inventories are key to reducing the numbers of deposit disputes.  Allowing Inventory Hive to seamlessly to connect to The Depositary’s end of tenancy solutions will mean fewer disputes between landlords and tenants and a faster end of tenancy process”  says Steve Harriott Chief Executive of The Dispute Service.

An image of , News, Inventory Hive and The Depositary announce direct integration to dramatically reduce reporting and end of tenancy admin.

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