European leaders in voice recognition technology to help businesses boost productivity in the UK

Voice Recognition
  • Cedat85 launches Cabolo – real-time smart synchronised recording and transcription that makes meetings more productive, secure and inclusive
  • Plug and play device easy to set up and already being used by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), Intesa Sanpaolo, Illy and North Warwickshire Borough Council

At a time when organisations are under heightened time and cost pressures and privacy is once again in the spotlight, Cedat85, a European leader in voice recognition technology, is helping businesses to boost productivity and security with the launch of Cabolo – a smart voice recognition technology and ecosystem that records and transcribes in real-time.

Cabolo’s research highlights that almost half (45%) of organisations regularly hold meetings which contain sensitive information. The portable, standalone unit – which doesn’t require an internet connection – was developed in response to businesses’ need for a completely private, secure and ‘off grid’ device that provides peace of mind and an alternative to the cloud-based solutions offered by the tech giants.

And with more than a fifth of UK organisations spending hours transferring notes and outcomes from meetings, Cabolo promises to save valuable time through its intelligent, proprietary software. It is the only customisable solution that uses speech recognition to record and transcribe meetings – face-to-face or virtual – in real-time. It also enables organisations to organise, archive and quickly retrieve any previous meeting recording, transcription or minutes with the aid of a powerful full-text search engine.

Already tried and tested by many companies – including North Warwickshire Borough Council in the UK and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), Intesa Sanpaolo and Illy in Italy – Cabolo can be customised to transcribe multiple languages, with specialised vocabularies for various sectors or accents. It can also plug into existing conference systems, provide live subtitles and can be used for board meetings, interviews, training and more.

Parent company Cedat85 is an independent award-winning technology company and service provider. It was featured in the 2020 Gartner Market Guide for Speech-to-Text Solutions and listed in the top 11 world-wide players for Speech to Text applications and in the top 5 in Europe (Gartner’s Competitive Landscape: Speech-to-Text Applications 2018).

Lexacom, a recognised player in speech solutions, has been appointed by Cedat85 as the exclusive distributor in the UK, where Cedat85 operates with its fully owned subsidiary Speech-I Ltd. in London.

Enrico Giannotti, Managing Director at Cedat85, comments: “We know businesses have a real need to make meetings more productive, secure and inclusive, which is why we’re excited to launch Cabolo in the UK market. While there are many solutions for live transcriptions in the market, Cabolo’s solution and combination of benefits to organisations is truly unique – it’s a simple, smart and secure solution for recording and transcribing meetings that has been developed in response to customers’ desire for a high quality, private, non-cloud-based solution.

“We have over 30 years’ heritage and experience in this sector. We are specialists, with a specialist, independent and leading product. Indeed, we already have some great success stories from well-known organisations in Europe and are now piloting the device with some very high-profile British organisations.”

Dr Andrew Whiteley, Managing Director of Lexacom said: “Lexacom are delighted to be working with such this incredibly innovative and exciting solution. Cabolo has the potential to revolutionise how conversations are documented. There are no limits to its application; from the HR meeting to the board meeting, from the university lecture to the courtroom.”

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