Attain the Joy of Tech Spirit with This Informative AppleCare Guide


Unboxing a new Apple device seems like opening up a birthday surprise, or like you’re on cloud nine. The shiny device with so many fun buttons to press is exemplary, letting you discover a whole new world of features. An experience of a new device is a worthwhile feeling.

However, all this drains away when your shiny and luxurious device falls out of your hand, your iPad doesn’t turn on or your Apple Watch smacks into something and shatters, or even worse it mysteriously stops working.  It seems like your world is crashing. Well, it certainly does and you’re not the only one who undergoes this daunting experience. Repairing is the only option, but that too won’t be cheap either. Thus, here’s where Apple- the company steps in with their AppleCare plan. It is none other than a one-stop-shop for all the enhanced support and excellent service by the people who have the best knowledge of Apple products. 

Well, now you know that you have a knight-in-shining-armor in the form of AppleCare- a question that might be triggering your mind is how exactly do you know that you have AppleCare? Is it really worth your hard-earned money? What all does it cover? How will its support help you dwell in tranquillity? The most simple answer is that Apple protects its macOS and iOS devices at the time of purchase with AppleCare. Yet, if you still are furious about your decision, then the tech experts recommend studying a comprehensive guide,, which will help you find answers to all those new-fangled questions. But, it is important to know that AppleCare covers only finitely. Because you just cannot file a claim for that crack in your iPhone Screen or a dent in MacBook just like that. And, that’s where you avail the benefits of AppleCare+ and the AppleCare Protection Plan. 

Every Mac and Apple device comes with AppleCare that is a one-year limited warranty plan. This helps in protecting your hardware in case of a manufacturing defect. The users can also avail up to 90 days of complimentary telephone technical support with AppleCare. But, if you’re looking out to extend the original warranty or save your device against accidental damage, then AppleCare+ is for you. This helps you in extending both the warranty and the technical support coverage for up to three years from the Mac purchase. While now that you’re inquisitive about the plan, everything it covers, and all your payment expectations-sticking with us for all your queries is the best option for you. With this comprehensive guide, you’ll be able to make a smart choice for yourself:

What is AppleCare? 

Right after unboxing your device and holding it in your hands- you must know that it is under the protection of AppleCare for free. Whether you buy this shiny device directly from the store or order the same from a wireless carrier- AppleCare comes beforehand. I know it sounds great from its name, but AppleCare is nothing but a fancy name for the standard warranty of your device. It covers hardware failures and defects of your device for a year’s time. But, for accidental damages from handling, theft, or loss, you should think of other options. Also, expectations like a dying battery cannot be met with AppleCare. 

What is the difference between AppleCare, AppleCare+, and AppleCare Protection Plan?

The device you purchase holds paramount importance to you- owing to the money you’ve spent. The fragile components and our reliability degree is something quite understood. Although, accessories like screen protectors and shockproof phone cases work well yet note that these aren’t failproof. While AppleCare+ is additive to the AppleCare plan with only some slight differences.

For all the Apple Hardware products you buy, AppleCare is complimentary. The phone support is for 90 days and the hardware warranty is one year. While AppleCare+ helps in extending your phone’s bot support and the warranties of your hardware for up to three years. It also seeks to provide some routine repairs in addition to the lost-cost options. 

How do I check if I have AppleCare?

Knowing about your AppleCare status on your device is simple. All you’ve to do is:


  1. Select the Menu bar, and on the top-left click on the Apple logo. 
  2. Click on the About the Mac option
  3. From the appearing window, choose the Service option from the menu.
  4. Select ‘Check my Service and support coverage status’, and choose ‘allow from the appearing pop-up window’.
  5. A new website will appear in your default web browser. Enter the serial number of the Mac, and click on Continue. 

iPad and iPhone:

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Choose General and select About.

You will notice your Serial number at the top of the app view.

Apple Watch:

  1. Click open your phone’s watch app
  2. Click on General and select the About section.

Note- You’ll also be able to perform these steps with your Apple Watch in case of the phone’s unavailability. 

What features does AppleCare provide?

Like mentioned earlier, AppleCare extends the limited warranty of your device and works in expanding its remit. You can extend the warranty of your device for two years or three years, depending on your needs. This extension in duration is one of the pivotal features of AppleCare. Some of the other features include:

  • Repairs:

Apple works wonders in covering the expenses of your device repair for the cover’s duration. Yet, it is vital to note that the plan covers only hardware failure repairs and not those from accidental damages. You can also use the Express Replacement Repair Service. 

  • Accidental Damages:

You can have a cover of two incidents of accidental damages. These can be broken screens or liquid damages every 12 months. You get to have some fixed deductions in case of accidental damages, which depend upon the device’s type and damage. Note that the AppleCare+ services are much cheaper than Apple’s standard repairs. 

AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss is another plan that helps you in having a replacement device if needed. This plan is available only for the iPhone. 

Which is the best time to buy AppleCare and what amount will you have to pay?

It is vital to register for the plan while your device is under the One Year Limited Warranty Plan. Numerous incentives to customers are offered who purchase their plans at the same time as the purchase of Mac. Some retailers offer 25% off on AppleCare protection plans in case of twin purchase. There are 4 types of pricing tiers for AppleCare. These are:

  1. $149 for Mac Mini
  2. $169 for iMac
  3. $249 for Mac Pro and MacBook 11-13 inches.
  4. $349 for 15-inch MacBooks

Does AppleCare+ work for Refurbished Products?

Yes, AppleCare+ works for refurbished items and they all have a one-year warranty. Plus, you can have AppleCare+ for a refurbished item- just like you get it for a new product. 

Hoping this guide was able to answer your questions, and would be able to simplify your AppleCare purchase process. With the benefits AppleCare swears to provide, AppleCare is not an essential rather is an investment worth your peace of mind. 

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