AI powered fused spurs unveiled by play a crucial role in the time of heightened energy consciousness. With various electrical devices being a norm in commercial spaces, the ability to manage and control their energy usage is paramount. 

The team at offer a strategic solution to this challenge, allowing businesses to curb wastage, reduce costs, and minimise carbon footprint.

Small power isn’t small’s primary focus is small power which is the electricity used by equipment – like monitors and printers – that are plugged into power sockets or fused spurs. This typically accounts for 40% of total electricity usage in most commercial and office buildings. Up to half of that is waste, resulting from devices being left on or in standby.

By combining their machine learning technology with behavioural change, eliminate wasted energy in buildings, turning the tide on carbon emissions.

Their plug sockets and fused spurs identify your devices and continually measure their usage, automatically turning them on and off to eliminate small power waste. They actively minimise your carbon emissions, helping you to achieve your net zero goals, whilst reducing your electricity costs by at least 20%.

Launching fused spurs to maximise impact are thrilled to introduce fused spurs as the latest addition to their product portfolio. Like their plug sockets, fused spurs deliver tangible results for organisations seeking to optimise energy usage.

Their fused spurs are engineered to address the challenge of managing the more power-hungry devices which require fused connection units and often are in hard-to-reach places.

Now, businesses can save energy on a broader range of devices, contributing to both cost savings and environmental sustainability. 

“I, the team and our customers could not be more excited about the launch of our fused spurs. This means that our customers can automatically tackle even more of their energy use and CO2 emissions.

It’s a brilliant feeling to know that right now are making a measurable, positive difference to emissions and energy bills, and it will only grow bigger!”

– Dan Williams, CEO & Co-Founder,

About the fused spurs fused spurs can be wall fitted with a regular 25 mm back box and are a direct replacement for standard fused connection units (FCUs).

All of their fused spurs are powered by machine learning technology. When you plug a device in, they automatically recognise this and begin to measure its energy use and carbon emissions. All this data is then available to view on an online dashboard, known as hub.

The fused spurs also have LED indicators, showing you the carbon intensity of your electricity, directly from the National Grid:

  • When it’s green, this means your energy is mainly coming from renewable sources, like wind and solar.
  • When it’s amber, your energy is a mix of renewable and non-renewable sources, like fossil fuels (coal, natural gas and oil) and nuclear energy.
  • When it’s red, your energy is coming from non-renewable sources.

The light helps you consider when it’s best to have your devices switched on, to maximise your reduction in emissions.

Fused spurs will automatically make rules to switch off your devices when you’re not using them, after learning more about your day-to-day routine. If you need power outside of these times, just press the override button on your fused connection unit and you’ll be good to go for two hours.

These fused spurs connect to your existing Wi-Fi network to operate and will still have power even if your internet goes down. They also have an inbuilt memory so that any rules that are usually applied will still work and they’ll continue to monitor your energy usage.

Ensuring your data is secure is a top priority, which is why technology uses a combination of hardware-based and cloud encryption. They actively monitor and assess all security threats and encryption protocol developments, following the UK government’s Code of Practice for IoT (Internet of Things) Security.

They’re also part of the IoT Security Assured scheme and are Cyber Essentials PLUS certified.

The cost of wasting energy

The urgency is clear – organisations cannot afford to waste energy, money, or contribute unnecessary CO2 emissions. 

By working with, organisations can take immediate steps toward a more sustainable future while enjoying the economic benefits of optimised energy usage.

To stay ahead of the curve and meet sustainability targets, organisations need to act now and integrate this technology into their energy management systems. By doing so, they not only demonstrate a commitment to environmental responsibility but also position themselves as industry leaders in adopting cutting-edge technologies.

With a return on investment within a maximum of 2 years and sometime as short as few weeks, it’s never been easier to save the planet and your pocket.


To significantly reduce global carbon emissions, we must automate the process of finding and removing energy waste at scale, whilst changing the way we consume energy, through education. are on a bold mission to empower every person to minimise their carbon emissions, using their technology.

Earlier this year they received £4.5 million in series A funding led by Clean Growth Fund, the UK venture capital fund that solely invests in the UK’s most promising early-stage clean-tech companies, alongside Vectr7, RO Investments, and MMC Ventures. They join existing investor Bonheur ASA, the Norwegian-listed holding company for the Fred Olsen family, which has significant interests in the renewable energy and shipping sectors. 

For more information on and their technology, please visit

Diana Kamkina

Diana leads marketing and communications at Before joining m.e Diana was making small steps towards more sustainable living for years, but it never seemed enough. Now she uses her marketing experience to show organisations how to eliminate energy waste and CO2e emissions on a large scale.

Diana’s goal is to tell’s story to the world and develop a trusted global brand.

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