AWS adds the latest TwinMaker by Matterport to their marketplace

AWS matterport TwinMaker

We explore the uses of the latest addition to the AWS marketplace, TwinMaker

Matterport has extended the value of its digital twins with powerful add-ons now available in AWS Marketplace to enterprises everywhere in the form of IoT TwinMaker. Check it out here:

The leading spatial data company driving the digital transformation of the built world, Matterport, today announced the availability of its platform in AWS Marketplace.

What is Matterport? Find out here:

AWS is an online software store that helps customers find, buy, and use the software and services that run on Amazon Web Services (AWS). With Matterport extending its partnership with AWS to their marketplace, AWS customers will be able to access the power and capabilities of Matterport’s digital twin technology with AWS add-ons that supercharge the value of digitization.

In addition, they will benefit from the joint offerings that the companies take to market. Matterport and AWS will collaborate amongst technical teams to build deep technology integrations and sales and marketing groups to serve new enterprise customers.

“With the hundreds of fully featured AWS services, we’re excited that our customers can now easily capture their spaces and incorporate the Matterport spatial data platform into a wide range of solutions,” said Prabal Acharyya, Global Head of IoT Partners for Energy and Process Industries at AWS. “Matterport is uniquely positioned to help customers of all types take full advantage of integrating their AWS cloud provider services with their digital twins, accelerating the digitisation of their spaces, while harnessing the power of their data assets.”

Hundreds of thousands of companies in over 170 countries use Matterport’s spatial data platform to turn any space into a photorealistic, dimensionally accurate digital twin. As an official AWS Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Partner and member of the AWS Partner Network (APN), Matterport will reach companies worldwide that need a simple and cost-effective way to digitize their buildings and spaces. And, they can access a free trial to instantly capture digital twins on their iOS or Android devices. 

“Although our digital twin vision was designed to enhance the operator and mechanic experience, we quickly expanded our use cases to include training, employee orientation, and office space optimisation. Moving forward, I anticipate identifying even more opportunities to use Matterport throughout our organisation,” says Dane Laughlin, Innovation Engineer at INVISTA, a world leader in supplying nylon 6,6 chemical intermediates, polymers, and fibers used in the automotive, electronics, carpet, and clothing industries.

Matterport Delivers Groundbreaking Enterprise IoT Solution

With over six million spaces captured to date, Matterport is building the most extensive library of spatial data and information, and it’s open for innovation through its developer tools. Matterport’s Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and Software Development Kits (SDKs) allow its partners to build new solutions and custom add-ons on top of its platform to address multiple use cases across an array of industries.

Matterport will work with AWS to develop and deliver best-in-class enterprise solutions that leverage Matterport digital twins. The first offering launched today by AWS is AWS IoT TwinMaker, a new service that makes it easier for developers to create digital twins for the IoT (Internet of Things), smart buildings, industrial, and manufacturing industries. With Matterport as a launch partner, AWS IoT TwinMaker allows customers to contextualize their digital twin data, gather insights and analytics, and virtually access real-time and time-series replicas of their spaces.

Groundbreaking capabilities include:

  • · The ability to create 3D scenes with spatial anchors linked to real-world data. Customers can take a Matterport digital twin, overlay equipment within it, then tag the space with anchors to connect those models with a knowledge graph created and managed by AWS IoT TwinMaker. This knowledge graph enables data integration, such as heat mapping or temperature control, into the Matterport digital twin. 
  • · Better facilities management by establishing real-time remote monitoring, process optimization, and historical root cause analysis. Customers can connect to disparate data sources to optimize site visits and assess issues immediately. 
  • · The option to build user-centric web apps on top of digital twins, whether it’s an app for training employees or an app to trigger notifications if there is an abnormal change in the device data.

“AWS IoT TwinMaker is a perfect example of how companies like AWS can work with Matterport to create unique and valuable experiences for our mutual enterprise customers. This demonstrates Matterport’s unique ability to serve as the primary visualisation layer of any space that enables a contextual view of the data and analytics associated with that space, as well as real-time and time-series access to them,” said Conway Chen, Vice President of Business Development and Alliances at Matterport. “We’re seeing Matterport being used as the fabric of the built world, supercharging use cases across the board from smart buildings, smart homes, and more, ultimately unlocking digital twin technology with unmatched AI and deep learning analytics.”

How AWS IoT TwinMaker works

IoT TwinMaker makes it easier and quicker than ever to build and combine digital twins of buildings, factories, industrial equipment, and production lines to give virtual representations of any physical environment. This can help businesses by optimizing building operations and production output by adjusting digital twin placement. Data sources are connected from build-in connectors and other sources to represent accurate physical systems allowing you to define the relationship between each digital twin.

This is then turned into an interactive 3d view of your physical environment allowing you to adjust and optimize your operations. The final part is using IoT TwinMaker for Grafana, which enables the integration of your digital twins into web applications so your end users can monitor and improve continuously.

AWS and Matterport report that their add-ons and plugins will improve field operations in manufacturing plants, increase equipment uptime in remote facilities and enhance tenancy experience in commercial buildings.

The move for AWS only strengthens their position and makes their position as the world’s most comprehensive cloud platform even more appealing to a wide range of industries.

One customer who is already reaping the benefits is Carrier Global, a leading provider of healthy, safe and sustainable, and intelligent building and cold chain solutions that have aggregated building performance data from various systems and sensors to give customers real-time insight into their connected space.

Another customer, Invista, who has been working closely with AWS, has built robust analytics and data science capabilities into their manufacturing operations. With AWS IoT TwinMaker, they’re now able to create digital twins of their operations into a connected worker application that gives them a consolidated view of their natural environments. This now makes it easier for their experts to pinpoint flaws in their operations and improve to provide even more value for their customers.

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